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Beachbody is “On-Demand”

Beachbody On DemandBeachbody is in the process of moving to the 21st Century.  Why?  Beachbody is “On-Demand”.  Back in the old days (2 months ago), if you wanted to workout to a Beachbody Program, your choices were to either do it legally by ordering a set of DVDs and workout at home that way, go over to a friend’s house and workout with them, borrow them from a friend, or use a set of pirated DVDs from China or have a friend burn them illegally for you.  Well now, that is a thing of the past.  You can now workout to a full set of Beachbody programs that include the entire P90 series (P90, P90X, P90X2, P90X3, One on One, 10 Minute Trainer), Insanity, Asylum Volumes 1 & 2, Turbo Fire, Brazil Butt Lift, ChaLean Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, Rev Abs and Tai Cheng and then, you can expand your library as you decide to purchase other products.  In addition, you get single programs from some of our other programs as teasers such as Piyo, T25, Body Beast, P90, Slim in 6, etc.  It’s all now right on your computer.  No need to have DVDs.  Just log in, stream the workout, and do it all online.  The DVDs are still available for you to use and have in your computer but now, you don’t “need” them.  So, now you’re asking…how do I get all this great stuff?  You don’t have to spend Hundreds of Dollars.  But, if you did buy all of that stuff, which I have all of the DVD sets for, you would spend a LOT of money, figuring they probably all average about $100 each, some more some less, you do the math.  It’s somewhere near $2,000 or so.  Now you don’t have to buy a lot of DVDs to find your soul mate workout.  Just figure it out, all online, “On-Demand”.

So, you’ve heard me talking about Shakeology in the past and how good it is, but now we have all of these great programs “On-Demand”.  BUT wait, it gets even better.

Shakeology - Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition

Shakeology Price Increase

If you purchase the ON DEMAND CHALLENGE PACK – You will get a 30 Day free trial to the Club which gives you the On-Demand streaming workouts as well as a 30 Day trial of shakeology.  Shakeology is normally $129.99 retail (10% less for club members and 25% less for Coaches) but you get all of the workouts listed above, plus others you’ve purchased or will purchase, Shakeology and a 30 Day trial for the club for $140.  The Club membership to continue the streaming videos is $38.87 billed Quarterly which breaks down to about $3 a week.  Also, Shakeology breaks down to about $3.50 to $4.00 a shake.  You have to eat something.  Why not make it the most nutritious thing you can put in your body?

I’d love to answer your questions.  Please contact me at  You can also find me on Facebook at

There has never been a better time, or an easier way, to get in shape and feel better.  I’ll never be an underwear model, but I can and I am being healthy and setting an example for my children.

Go here to order it and give it a roll, send me a message and let me know you got it and we’ll get you in a Challenge Group, OR, message me for more details.  Don’t let this slip by you.  Take charge of your life…NOW!!

Click HERE to order the Beachbody On-Demand Challenge Pack.