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21 Day Fix - The Beginning | Jay Floyd Fitness

21 Day Fix – The Beginning

21 Day Fix – The Beginning

Jay and Autumn

Jay and Autumn

I had the opportunity to workout with Autumn Calabrese in California this past September.  I had no idea this workout was even on the boards until they introduced Autumn to us at Beachbody’s Leadership event.  When they introduced it, I was a bit skeptical until I heard her interview with Carl Daikeler on stage.  It was AMAZING and I just sat there with my mouth open thinking….what a concept.  Here is the basic thought process.  We all know it takes about 21 Days to form a habit.  Hence, “21 Day Fix”.  Some people may have a hard time committing to a program that will take 90 Days, like P90 or P90X or even Insanity with 60 Days, but, 3 weeks isn’t so bad.  The Ultimate Reset is a great product also that incorporates good clean eating with good foods and supplements that Reset the body and it is also 3 weeks.  Each phase is 1 week.  Similarly, 21 Day Fix has enough workouts to keep you interested in 1 week phases and it is a manageable, doable chunk of time.  Brilliant.

The other really cool aspect of 21 Day Fix is the eating plan.  When I heard Autumn talking about the program, the main thing she talked about was the eating plan.  If you’ve been around the fitness industry for any amount of time, you have heard people say things like “Abs are made in the kitchen” or “I ruined my workout today with what I ate” or some such things.  It’s very true.  Working out is just one part of the equation.  If you want your machine to run properly, you have to put good fuel in it.  Otherwise, it will get sluggish and not perform the way you want.  Autumn said she was out with a friend one day for lunch and they both ordered what appeared to be a very healthy salad.  She watched as her friend devoured the entire thing while she only ate 1/3 of hers.  She took the other 2/3 of it home with her and it hit her.  THAT is why her friend was having problems.  She was ordering a “healthy salad” but eating WAY too much and then dousing it with heavy calorie laden dressing.  So, the concept of 21 Day Fix was born at lunch that day.

21 Day Fix – Portion Control

The most intriguing thing to me about the 21 Day Fix Program is the portion control.  Most people THINK they have a good idea of how much to eat, but the truth is, we overeat, even on good stuff.  Most people don’t have a CLUE what a cup of cereal looks like.  A cup isn’t as much as you think.  And, most people eat until they are full instead of satisfied.  Studies have shown that it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to get the signals to the brain that it is time to stop eating.  That is why it is so easy to overeat.  First, we have no idea about how MUCH to eat and when we eat until we feel full, we have eaten for 20 minutes too long.  It’s CRAZY when you think about it.  That’s also why buffets are dangerous.  I don’t know about you, but I can get a lot of food in my belly in 20 minutes.  Then, the body uses what it needs and stores the rest.  It’s a “recipe for disaster”.

21 Day Fix – The Portion Control Fix

21 Day Fix Containers

21 Day Fix Containers

The cool thing about 21 Day Fix is they help you by taking the portion control part of the program and truly putting it in “control”.  You no longer eat according to your desires and wanting to feel satisfied.  Instead, along with the program, you get some nifty little plastic containers.  When I saw them I couldn’t believe how small they are, but it is really a novel idea.  Based on your caloric need, which you calculate, you get a certain number of plastic containers of each type of food to eat.  So, you may get to eat 2 or 3 blue containers, 2 or 3 orange containers, etc.  If the food fits in the containers, you eat it.  If not, you save it until later.  Again, it takes all the guess work out of wondering what 8 ounces of meat or a cup of cereal looks like.  Over the 21 Days of the program, you not only realize you won’t starve eating less, but you get it set in your mind what that amount of food really looks like.  HOW COOL IS THAT???  Anyway, as you can tell, I’m pretty fired up about 21 Day Fix and what it is going to do to revolutionize not only my eating habits, but those that I love.  We are going to be better educated as coaches and friends and be able to help so many more people.

I’ll write more about the workouts as I proceed through them.  So far, I’ve done 2 of the workouts and in the next few days, I’ll tell you what I think of them, but I’m telling you, so far, it’s absolutely amazing how I feel doing them.  I definitely break a sweat and I can’t wait to do more of them.  They are quick, 3o minute workouts but really seem to do the job.

So, coupled with Shakeology, portion control, and working out….how can you go wrong.  Also, Beachbody has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on the Program.  Do yourself a favor and just do it.  You won’t be sorry!!

Contact Me to learn more or Click – 21 Day Fix – to order the Challenge Pack.  Let me know when you’ve ordered it so I can get you in a Facebook Accountability Group with others doing the program.  Your world is about to change!!


  1. Sounds like a really great program! I’m definitely guilty of the portion control thing – I think cereal is the worst. I haven’t eaten cereal in a long while, but I’m pretty positive I eat at least double the serving size! lol

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