A New Year is Coming!!

A New Year is Coming!!

A New Year is Coming!!

A New Year is Coming!!

I was sitting here watching TV this morning wondering what the day had in store for me and on a couple of different channels they are running year-end recap shows.  One was running political quotes, both good and bad.  One was doing sports good plays and bad plays.  I even saw one of good TV shows and bad TV shows.  That made me think about some of the things that have happened in my life in the past year.  As the movie title goes, there was the good, the bad and the ugly.  I won’t recap everything that happened to me here because you likely aren’t that interested in my life.  You are more interested in yours.  Isn’t that the way it is though?  Many times in our minds we think “OK, enough about you, let’s talk about me!”

So, what was it about your life in the past year?  There are several things I would change if I could.  I think we all can say that.  But, overall, it was a very good year for me and our family.  The main thing for me is we were all relatively healthy.  A few stitches for me.  Some stomach bugs and fevers here and there and a couple of concussions for Carson in football, but otherwise, we were healthy.  When I hear about so many other families that have chronic illnesses or other diseases, it makes me very thankful and grateful.  I am also very grateful and thankful that our family is still together.  Our oldest son is a Senior in High School and I’m not sure how much longer we will be taking family vacations without girlfriends, fiancees, wives, kids, etc.  I just love it every single time we are able to get together as a family still, from the 18 yr old to the 6 yr old.

Our son is in the process of taking SAT and ACT tests to get ready for College and have a couple of different Colleges he is looking at possibly attending.  We are very blessed that he has options.  I just hope his test scores are good enough to get a scholarship since he was homeschooled.  We’ll see as they come in.

A New Year Is Coming!! – What Is In Store Next?

I’m sure everything will be coming up roses.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this year.  Most people make New Year’s Resolutions to help them get back on track for where they want to be.  Most of those will include losing weight or breaking bad habits.  In order to break a bad habit, you really need to replace it with a good habit.  That includes eating.  NOBODY loves eating more than I do and the holidays kill me.  Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas are all good food times for me.  I also tend to get lazy and not workout during that time.  It’s just crazy why I do that to myself.  I don’t have an answer to that question either.  It’s just something that I know I will struggle with the rest of my life and I know that so, I just do the best I can do and deal with it.

This year will bring a lot of changes around our house.  The oldest son will go off to College after spending another summer as a McCall Camp Counselor.  My Mom will likely be needing more care in the future so not sure what is going to happen there.   I am planning one trip for sure to West Africa in January with our 16 yr old son and may be going back again in February.  We also have a ski trip planned for the family in February.  I’m loving being retired and doing Real Estate for fun.  For fun means I pick and choose who I deal with and the clients I take on.  It’s a lot of fun.  I also have the opportunity now to do some project managment and engineering on a part time basis.

A New Year Is Coming!! – Get Ready!!

I am going to be sitting down in the next couple of days and making a list.  The list is going to be my goals for next year.  They are going to be spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, and every other area of my life I want to tackle.  I remember hearing someone say one time that if you don’t have a written down goal, you don’t have a goal.  So, I’m going to be setting my goals.  The other thing I am going to do is work on my dream board.  I’m going to get a board and put pictures and written down goals I want to accomplish this year.  Most people go through life with no goals at all and they just let life happen to them.  It’s time to get intentional and make things happen.

I found that working on my physical goals helps me in all other areas of my life.  When I workout, other things fall into place.  It’s a mindset we have to get into and breaking that blood/brain barrier as Tony Horton calls it is key.  We have so many great programs now to help you and with the release of P90X3 now, I’m stoked about what the future is going to hold for all of us.  CONTACT ME if you want more information on it but it’s going to ROCK!!!

Don’t let 2014 go by without being where you want to be and intentionally accomplishing some things!!


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