Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

Watch this video by Dave Ramsey first.  It is plain and simple and lays it out better than I ever could.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

OK….I am not Anti-Obama because I don’t like him.  I am Anti-Obama because I am against his policies in general.  I believe three documents should guide our lives.  These were the documents the Founding Fathers used.  The first is the Bible.  It was used to construct the second and third which are the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States of America.  I just see too much that we are doing in government that we shouldn’t be doing.  The way I read it, we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  I don’t see where we have a right to free phones, free food or free healthcare and borrowing money to make it happen.  EVERYTHING I’ve seen says to me that if anything is free, it has to be paid for by someone.  I would love it if we lived in a society like Start Trek where there is no need for money, everyone has everything they need and there is no one robbing anyone else.  Imperialism without corruption is impossible.  We do have a need for laws, but with common sense involved.

I just don’t see that kind of society working at all in our near future.  People keep bringing up greed.  Well, the truth is, people wanting to be the best they can be is what got us here.  It was people seeking their fortune and fame in a brand new world and dragging themselves up by their bootstraps that made us into the “exceptional” nation we are.  Here is a cool video on “greed” by Milton Friedman on Phil Donahue’s show awhile back.  It was applicable then and is applicable now.  Milton Friedman is one of the foremost experts on economics.  This is worth a watch.  You can watch his full interview on youtube also, but this is a short clip talking about freed, free enterprise, concentration of power and what greed means to society.


Affordable Care Act – Congress and The President Should Live Under It

Now, I’m just a simple man, but when Congress exempts themselves from laws that they tell me would be good for me, why should I believe them?  If the Affordable Care Act is so good, why don’t they live under it?  Why do they have special retirement plans and special heathcare plans and special this and special that?  I guess that makes me unelectable because I think if they pass a law, they should abide by it.  Why are there so many waivers for large corporations?  Why are there so many waivers for special companies and special people?  If it’s that good, why not make everyone comply?  It is nearly 2,000 pages.  If you want to read more about it, you can go here to download a copy of it.  I admit, I haven’t read it.  I don’t know anyone who has.  I ran across a guy the other day who denies he is liberal but all of his ideas are and to me, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, right?  Anyway, he said he had read every page.  I didn’t call him a liar but I was thinking it.  It’s a long document full of legal language that I believe the people who wrote it don’t even understand.  As Nancy Pelosi said, we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.  I mean…WHAT???  Do you think the Founding Fathers decided to pass legislation to find out what was in it?  I mean…C’MON MAN!!  REALLY!!???

Affordable Care Act – What it means to you

If you think this won’t affect you, you are wrong.  46 percent of Americans now pay NO federal income taxes.  So, it is now very likely that fewer and fewer people will be voted into office who want to limit that.  We are on a downhill slide.  Why would anyone elect someone to office who is going to take away their meal ticket?  “Vote for me because I’m going to take away all your free stuff” isn’t a good campaign slogan, is it?  Just the other day, I saw where there was a glitch and the limit was taken off of EBT cards and people let their friends know and there was a run on food at places like Wal-Mart getting buggies and buggies and buggies of stuff.  You and I paid for that.  Yes, ….we did.  That food isn’t free.  Dare I say, most of those people didn’t look like they had missed any meals, either.  We have completely redefined the poverty line for the world.  We don’t have a stinkin’ CLUE what poverty looks like anymore.  Take a trip to West Africa with me.  I’ll show you poverty.  When you and I pay into the system, we pay for all of the free stuff.  We are paying for people to ride through life on the government and when that happens, it takes away individual rights, freedoms and self esteem which means, people don’t care about anything in life anymore.  Just give me my free stuff.  And, when everyone pays the same thing, that means, by definition, your insuance premiums will be going up.  The middle class is going to take the biggest hit on this.  People were so excited about it.  Nothing is free.  Someone has to pay for it.

People say, well, we are forced to get car insurance, this is no different.  Yes, it is.  Nobody makes you get car insurance, but if you want to drive, you have to have insurance to protect me from your stupidity.  If you want health insurance, go get it.  It is not a RIGHT…it is a privilege.  Driving is not a RIGHT…it is a privilege.  There are things that are laid out in the Constitution that are RIGHTS.  One of those is NOT healthcare.  You have the RIGHT to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  No one is taking your life away.  If you want a longer life, and a healthier life, you have the RIGHT to that.  BUT, you need to get it.  It is NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY to help you get free or cheap medical care.

Affordable Care Act – Do The Math!!

If you have read all of this and you got to this point, kudos to you.  From everything I’ve seen and read and just applying common sense to it, this is a bad piece of legislation.  Social Security is going Bankrupt.  Dave Ramsey will even tell you, if you put just 10 percent of what you pay into Social Security into an investment, you will do better long term than Social Security.  It is nothing more than a legalized ponzi scheme.  Government is taking Social Security money and using it for other things and has for some time.  The money you paid in is not there anymore.  And, with more and more people on the government take, there are fewer and fewer giving.  The math doesn’t add up.  That is why they are looking at limiting benefits and raising the age to collect.

I am not saying our healthcare system doesn’t need an overhaul.  But the truth is, we could do more by just allowing the States to have competition across state lines with insurance companies, which means, the States have to get together and have the same requirements first.  Allow the private sector to take control and make it simpler, not easier, for drug companies to bring new drugs to market.  Also, if I am a business owner with 500 employees, I would get a better rate than your company if you have 50 employees if we get the same plan.  The insurance companies look at that as pools of 500 and 50 instead of just one pool of 550.  So, smaller companies pay higher rates, which gets a pass through with lower wages or higher prices for goods and services.  Again, it’s just simple economics.   Companies are not in business to provide jobs.   Companies are in business to make a profit.  I don’t know of a single entrepreneur that starts a company to provide people jobs.  They start them to follow their passion and to make money.  Period.  The bottom line is, if our system is so broken, why do people from all over the world come here for healthcare?  I am afraid that our best and brightest will decide to go into a different field than medicine if the government keeps getting more and more involved.  A few years back, I was seriously thinking about leaving my Engineering Career and going back to medical school to be a Doctor.  A friend who went to church with us, an older gentleman who was an OBGYN and delivered our daughter, said, “Don’t do it.  It isn’t worth it anymore.  Too much legislation and government interference.”  He basically talked me out of it.  I wish he were still alive today to talk to about the Affordable Care Act and what he thinks about it.

At some point, common sense has to prevail and whether you are a Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Green, Conservative, Liberal or whatever, the math will still apply to you unless you have a waiver.  When I heard about employers with less than 50 employees would be exempt as would employers with part time employees, I knew what would happen and it has started.  Employers are either cutting back to 49 employees and/or making their employees independent contractors by firing them and rehiring them as a 1099 employee.  This means they have to pay their own taxes and get their own insurance.  In a way, I think that’s GREAT because I have said for some time now that if people have to stroke a check to the government once a quarter instead of having it automatically deducted, there will be a fundamental shift in people’s thinking.  Maybe that will be the impetus to get us to a fair/flat tax finally.  What we are doing by taking away from the people in this country who continually fire up our economic engine to me is nothing more than theft, pure and simple.

I know my blogs are primarily about health and wellness and my Beachbody journey, but I figured this would fit and yes, it is even more important to be healthy now.

Please understand if you’ve read this far, I do believe the system is broken, but, I also believe this legislation is bad.  Very Very bad.


  1. Unfortunately, the economist’s principle of free disposal doesn’t apply to policy problems. Okay, the fact that it’s hard and it doesn’t fit into our models and we can’t make scientific predictions about it, doesn’t get us off the hook. We’ve still got to think through the question. What is likely to happen. Move 1 in this game is the 1983 changes in Social Security. Strong political support for Social Security plus a desire to have the payroll tax rate be level, plus the demographics of the baby boom, lead to a now-ongoing accumulation of Social Security reserves.

    • That is all true. Realistically, it doesn’t matter how we got here. What matters is, what we have is unsustainable. We are spending more than we have coming in and we are stifling the energy that can bring even more in. We have to get all of this under control before it breaks us. And it will. I am not saying it isn’t important to help people because it is. I grew up with a disabled Dad from an automobile accident and my Mom was a school nurse, so, we had help from the government in the form of WIC, Disability and Social Security and such….but there are WAY too many people out there using it as a hammock instead of a safety net and that has to stop…we HAVE to stop the insanity.

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