Beachbody Coaching is Special!

Beachbody Coaching is Special!

Beachbody Coaching is Special

Beachbody Coaching is Special

Most of you know I’m a Beachbody Coach.  You also know I’m unashamed about it and if you get around me for any length of time, you will hear me talking about it.  Beachbody Coaching is Special to me and my entire family.  I don’t know how I can even describe it but I will do my best to.  I told you how I found P90X.  I am ever so glad I did.  I was very overweight (fat) and didn’t know what to do.  I had done other workout at home programs in the past and they were either boring, or got some results and then I hit a plateau pretty quickly.  So, with P90X, the plateau gets broken with muscle confusion.  I mentioned I had a Coach and she stuck with me and I would e-mail or text her whining about how sore I was.   She kept encouraging me and I kept going because I knew she was there pulling for me and wanted me to have results.  During my first 90 days, I started feeling better than I had in years.  Make no mistake, I was sore for awhile.  VERY sore, but my energy level increased and I started to eat right for the first time in years also.  I knew I was off of the yo-yo diets and I knew this was a lifetime endeavor for me.  I knew I would continue on and I could never go back to the shape I was in when I found P90X.  It just wasn’t possible.  I had achieved a new “set point” in my life.  A set point is a place where your body and mind expect you to be.  I now no longer saw myself as someone who was out of shape and fat and had no way out.  All of a sudden, I was becoming known as that guy who was into exercising and then, I heard someone refer to me as “that fit guy”.  I remember someone at the pool that summer saying “wow, you’ve lost some weight and putting on muscle.  What are you doing?”  That is when things really began to change for me.

Beachbody Coaching is Special – Without Money

I wanted to be a Beachbody Coach before I found out you could make money.  In fact, making money with these programs wasn’t even on my radar.  What I did know though, was, I had gotten some results with P90X.  I felt better than I had since I graduated from a Military College and I was in my early 40s feeling like this.  How many 40+ year olds feel better than they felt in their early 20s?  I started having people ask me what I was doing.  I knew how much my coach had helped me get results and I knew support was a vital part of the equation.  That is why people go to gyms and get a personal trainer.  We all need encouragement and it is even more important when we are stuck with a mindset that we can’t do it.  As a Beachbody Coach, I knew I could help people.  I knew what it was like to be overweight with no one believing in me and settling for “average”.  So, I told my coach that I wanted to be a coach like her.  I told her that I knew Beachbody Coaching is Special and I wanted to be a part of what the company is doing to end the trend of obesity in the United States and around the World.  She told me there was a small fee (basically it pays for a coach kit and to keep the four websites you get up and running and it wasn’t much) and I remember asking her, why should I pay to coach people when I’m already coaching people for free?  She said “You know you can make money doing this right?”  WHAT!!!????

Beachbody Coaching is Special – WITH the Money

If you are still reading this and you’re trying to decide if you want to be a Beachbody Coach, my advice is, of course, to do it.  If you’ve heard my story, you know I wanted to make $150 a month to help pay for my supplements and to offset my two son’s travel baseball expenses (I was coaching their baseball teams also) as well as getting my 25% discount on my purchases.  I didn’t even know what the potential of making money was but at the time I signed up, I had no intention of making this a career.  I was unemployed at the time and looking for a job when I signed up as a Coach.  I was very concerned that it was multi-level marketing.  I had been there and done that in the early 90s and swore I’d have my toenails pulled out before I did that again.  But, remember me talking about the support system?  What BETTER support system can you want than people who can help you be successful who have a stake in whether you are successful or not?  A mentor of mine told me once, don’t take financial advice from broke people.  I decided to listen to people who were where I wanted to be.  Well, my 4th week as a Beachbody Coach, I made over $100.  That was the time that I realized it was for real.

The exiting part –

The thing that excited me most though, was I was helping people.  Beachbody was compensating me for being their marketing arm and helping them with customers, AND, they were giving me customers from the infomercials because I had shared the Beachbody opportunity with others.  What better opportunity can you want?  As a Beachbody Coach, you get to help people physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  It touches every aspect of people’s lives.  I’ve met people I never would have met and I’ve become friends with people I can totally see myself being friends with forever.  Beachbody also has incentives such as trips, bonuses, and prizes they award coaches when they’ve helped others also.  Everything is all natural, the workouts are real, and they get results.  They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on everything, including being a coach.  There is no long term contract.  It’s a month by month deal so you can quit anytime.  My advice is check it out.  Contact me.  I’d love to tell you more about it and give you more information so you can make a decision whether you want to join us on this mission to End the Trend of Obesity!!


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