Beachbody Super Saturday

Beachbody Super Saturday – Why they were Started

Beachbody Super Saturday

Beachbody Super Saturday

The reason for the creation of  Beachbody Super Saturday was simply because Beachbody is growing.  There is no doubt about that!  There were 40 founding coaches and now, we’re up to over 100,000 coaches strong and growing.  That is in the last 5 to 6 years.  Some companies have grown faster, and some slower, but for where we  are and where we want to be, this is pretty good growth for sure.  It has happened mostly with customers also.  In fact, when we were in California this past September at Leadership, we were given a statistic that was basically about 75% of Diamond Coaches were customers first.  I am one of those.  I ordered P90X and after getting some results, I knew I wanted to be a Beachbody Coach also.  I wanted to help people the way my Coach had helped me.  That is the way it is for a lot of people.  They order a program, get some results, get support from their Coach and then they want to help others also.  Beachbody also compensates us for being their marketing arm and pays us for helping them reach others.  I wanted to be a Coach before I found out you could make money.  When I found out you could, and how it all worked, I knew I was going to be a Coach for life.  I had no other choice.  I had to help others.

Beachbody had some great infrastructure in place already with the message boards, the online offices, and Coaches could finally e-mail customers directly, something we had wanted to do since the very beginning of the Coaching opportunity.  One thing Beachbody had always had was an incredible community.  The Community is one of the things that drew me to Beachbody so strongly.  I knew without a support system, most people fail.  In fact, most people who get a gym membership don’t even use it.  Check out the statistics on gym memberships.  That was another reason for me wanting to be a Coach.  I knew there were people out there like me, who wanted to get in shape, but wouldn’t want to go to a gym and had no idea what to do otherwise because joining a gym is “the thing to do.”

Beachbody Super Saturday – What to Expect

Because there are Beachbody Super Saturday events all over the Country, they are all a bit different.  Some are big with hundreds of people held in a hotel and some are small and held in people’s homes.  Some have a workout and some don’t.  Some have celebrity trainers and others just have their own workouts.  Some of them have Corporate Executives from Beachbody and some are just Coaches hosting the meetings.

What they all have in common is great information and hanging out with wonderful people.  ALL of the Beachbody Super Saturday events will have recognition of new Coach ranks.  information from Beachbody with new announcements, and a video from Beachbody Corporate.  At this past Super Saturday in January, 2013, the Beachbody Cruise was announced, where every Coach who registered can go.  Not only that, we have the ability to earn dollars toward the cruise by helping others get in shape by using the Beachbody programs.  There will be information released at Super Saturday that you will get to hear first by being there.

Prospects are also encouraged to come to Beachbody Super Saturday events because there they will get to see other Coaches and learn more about Beachbody and how they can make money helping others also.  Remember when I told you I wanted to be a Coach because of the community?  The Community I fell in love with was all online.  They were facebook friends and people I met on the message boards.  It was 2 or 3 years after the Coaching Opportunity was launched when Beachbody Super Saturday events were started.  Beachbody saw the need to have them because if an online community was good, how much better would a real life community be?  It was also a great way to connect coaches to each other.

Beachbody Super Saturday – You Should Go!

There are Beachbody Super Saturday events all over the Country.  We are hosting one in Columbia (Hopkins), South Carolina in a few weeks as of the writing of this on April 13, 2013.  It is easy to go and easy to find a location near you.  Just Contact Me and I will send you the entire list of locations or just the ones for your state.  There is typically a description of the event also in the information.  I would love for you to come hang out with us if you are anywhere near us.  If not, I can certainly hook you up with some great coaches for whatever part of the Country you’re in.  The information shared will be invaluable, not only for you and your workouts, but for deciding if you want to join us and be a Beachbody Coach.  I tell people all the time, there are only two reasons I can think of for not being a Coach.  Those are, you don’t want to help people and you don’t want to make money.  If either of those fit something you think you’d like to do, you have to come check us out.  Let me know if you need anything!!

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