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What is a Challenge Group?

You may have seen us recommending that you join a Challenge Group for

Accept the Challenge

Beachbody.  It sounds daunting and may cause fear or suspicion to come to the surface.  There are so many schemes and snares out there and many of us have been burned in the past by something that we thought would be good or by someone we trusted who was just out for their own personal gain.  It all comes down sometimes, to simply, who do you Trust?

When I first got started with Beachbody, we didn’t have Challenge Groups.  We didn’t have the great nutritional products we have now.  Insanity and Shakeology was just a dream and the Performance Line hadn’t been conceived of at that time.  We had our core line of products like P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Yoga Booty Ballet, P90, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, etc.  I started with P90X and was assigned a Coach by Beachbody and we had the Message Boards but no Challenge Groups.

A Challenge Group is simply a group of people working out and eating right and holding each other accountable online.  It’s simply that simple.  Combined with working out to the program of your choice, you drink Shakeology and log your workouts online and then, post about your workouts with videos, photos, questions etc. as you see fit and it’s done in the privacy of your own home without going to a gym.  We are starting Challenge Groups all the time.  I’d love to have you join us.  You simply need to get access to the programs, either Beachbody On Demand or by getting the discs.  I prefer and recommend the discs because I like having them in my possession, much like I prefer books.  Then, you can workout with them by putting the discs in your computer or DVD player, and you can still stream the programs to your internet connected devices.

So, what do you need to do?  Simple.  Remember, EVERYTHING has at least a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk.  I am not out to get you.  this isn’t a scheme or a scam.  This is REAL and I’m living proof it works.

First, contact me.  I can help you get the workout program that is right for you, depending on your current fitness level, goals and abilities.  Then, we choose the Shakeology flavor of your choice.  My two favorites are Cafe Latte and Chocolate.  Many people like Strawberry, Vanilla and Greenberry.  We also have Vegan options.  We can also decide if the performance line of our products is right for you.  I personally use Energize, Hydrate, Recovery and Recharge.  I would never recommend you do anything I don’t personally do.

After ordering, you will be in our SECRET Facebook Group online and will post only what you feel comfortable posting.  Some people post videos of their workouts, or sweaty after pictures, some just simply post “workout done”.  BUT, we want you to be serious and get results.  We highly recommend you take your before/after pictures so you can share it with others because as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

I shared in another post how I had lost myself being an emotional eater.  I

Real 90 Day Results – Core De Force

don’t have the solution to that because I still battle it myself, but the thing is, I am battling it.  I’m in the fight.  I know the frustrations of self-sabotage and I know I can help you because of my struggles.  You simply have to do something that works and I know this does.

Let’s do this together.  Don’t let fear of the unknown scare you.  As I said, there is a 30 day money back guarantee and I know you will become as passionate about these products as I am.  You can do this.  I’m here to help you!!!  Contact me….today! or

To your health!!


Core De Force Review – 90 Day Results

It is official.  My 90 Day Results of doing Core De Force with the Nutrition

Real 90 Day Results - Core De Force

Real 90 Day Results – Core De Force

Plan are in.  Have you ever had a life changing event?  This was for me.  Over the course of 90 Days, I got stronger, leaner, lost a total of 40 lbs and an overall 12 inches, with about 6 of those inches being right around my belly button.  I didn’t lose anything off of my biceps or thighs.  The targeted fat came off primarily right where I needed it to, my core.  There is no such thing as spot reducing but this is where I carry the extra weight.  This program targets the core and strengthens those muscles like no other program I’ve ever seen.  The progression of workouts with the modifier to follow as needed makes it doable, fun and you are able to work up to do harder moves and longer workouts as your strength and stamina increase.  This is an incredible program.  The program starts slowly with kicks and punches and increases intensity with knees and elbows as you progress through the program while adding body weight exercises.  No equipment needed.  This isn’t a typical kickboxing course.  This is an overall fitness program.  Balance, Coordination, Timing, etc.  It’s all there.  In addition to physical stamina, you will also be challenged emotionally.  One of the Ladies in our Test Group was videoing herself and at the end of one of the workouts, she collapsed and started crying because she was releasing some of the emotional baggage she had been carrying.

The nutrition plan is designed to change with the workouts.  It starts, not with counting calories, but with portions of proteins, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and oils.  The portions are based on your weight and goals and increase as the program length and intensity increases.  It is incredibly well thought out and designed.  Coupled with Shakeology and the Performance Line (pre-workout (energize), during workout (hydrate), post-workout (recover), and night time (recharge)), you have all of the supplemental nutrition your body needs in order to optimize your workouts.  The supplements are absolutely incredible.  They are all designed to work hand in hand with the nutrition program.  I can’t imagine doing this program without Shakeology and the Performance Line.  I was concerned about the nutrition for the program because the Test Group started on August 22 and went until the Monday before Thanksgiving.  That means it was right in the middle of football season with Halloween and the State Fair thrown in for good measure.

Over the last few years I had lost myself.  I have always loved food.  I grew up eating comfort food on a farm.  I was very active when I was younger and played outside, worked in the garden, worked in the fields, especially tobacco in the summers and had a higher metabolism as a teenager/young adult.  As I got older, I naturally got more sedentary and began gaining weight.  I graduated from a military college and was in great shape then.  After marriage and several children I was much more heavy than I had ever been.  Thankfully, I found P90X.  I had tried every fad diet to lose weight.  I knew joining a gym wasn’t the answer and didn’t like running.  I was stuck until then.  After losing weight and getting in shape with P90X and some of the other Beachbody programs, my life took another turn.

Over the last few years, my Mother began battling Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  I didn’t realize how much it affected me emotionally but knew I had once again begun my emotional eating.  I slowly but surely began putting on weight again until I felt emotionally out of control and although I knew what I needed to do, I felt out of control and powerless to stop my self sabotage.  It always seemed that I self sabotaged myself every time and then made excuses for my behavior.  This was no different.  My Mother lost her battle with Alzheimer’s/Dementia in October of 2015.  I gained even more weight over the winter months last year.  I finally made a decision to do something about it this past summer.  My plan was to get back to my roots and do a full 90 Day Round of P90X.  It was during that time in early August that I received an email from Beachbody Corporate inviting me to participate in the Coach Test Group.

As I said above, I was excited and apprehensive but this is a program that has changed my life.  Is it your turn?  It certainly could be.  I have been through the Coach Test Group.  I can help you.  We have Challenge Groups starting soon.  Contact me and let me help you.  If you don’t think this is the best program you’ve ever done and the nutrition plan isn’t brilliant, send it back for a full refund.  I can guarantee you results, not only physically, but emotionally, and Beachbody backs it up with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Get in touch with me and I will be your Coach through the program.  No more excuses.  No more wishing or wasting time and money on fad diets or gadgets that don’t work.  Some fad diets work, but you lose muscle and fat, and when you get off of the fad diet, you gain back all fat and end up being more unhealthy than when you started.  I know.  I’ve been there and done it.  This will actually add muscle to your body, with no equipment needed, while strengthening your core.  All body weight exercises, including kicking, punching, knees, elbows, all functional movements.

The Challenge Pack comes with Shakeology, a 30 Day Trial to Beachbody on

Challenge Pack

Challenge Pack

Demand and of course, the Core De Force program with nutrition plan and portion control containers.  I will also be your Coach and place you into a Challenge Group similar to the one I was in for accountability.  If you want to get in shape, I mean REALLY get into shape, now is the time to contact me and let’s get you started.  If you decide to purchase the program, you can do so here, or by clicking the logo above, but get in touch with me so I can help you through the program.

To your health!!

Jay Floyd



Beachbody is “On-Demand”

Beachbody On DemandBeachbody is in the process of moving to the 21st Century.  Why?  Beachbody is “On-Demand”.  Back in the old days (2 months ago), if you wanted to workout to a Beachbody Program, your choices were to either do it legally by ordering a set of DVDs and workout at home that way, go over to a friend’s house and workout with them, borrow them from a friend, or use a set of pirated DVDs from China or have a friend burn them illegally for you.  Well now, that is a thing of the past.  You can now workout to a full set of Beachbody programs that include the entire P90 series (P90, P90X, P90X2, P90X3, One on One, 10 Minute Trainer), Insanity, Asylum Volumes 1 & 2, Turbo Fire, Brazil Butt Lift, ChaLean Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, Rev Abs and Tai Cheng and then, you can expand your library as you decide to purchase other products.  In addition, you get single programs from some of our other programs as teasers such as Piyo, T25, Body Beast, P90, Slim in 6, etc.  It’s all now right on your computer.  No need to have DVDs.  Just log in, stream the workout, and do it all online.  The DVDs are still available for you to use and have in your computer but now, you don’t “need” them.  So, now you’re asking…how do I get all this great stuff?  You don’t have to spend Hundreds of Dollars.  But, if you did buy all of that stuff, which I have all of the DVD sets for, you would spend a LOT of money, figuring they probably all average about $100 each, some more some less, you do the math.  It’s somewhere near $2,000 or so.  Now you don’t have to buy a lot of DVDs to find your soul mate workout.  Just figure it out, all online, “On-Demand”.

So, you’ve heard me talking about Shakeology in the past and how good it is, but now we have all of these great programs “On-Demand”.  BUT wait, it gets even better.

Shakeology - Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition

Shakeology Price Increase

If you purchase the ON DEMAND CHALLENGE PACK – You will get a 30 Day free trial to the Club which gives you the On-Demand streaming workouts as well as a 30 Day trial of shakeology.  Shakeology is normally $129.99 retail (10% less for club members and 25% less for Coaches) but you get all of the workouts listed above, plus others you’ve purchased or will purchase, Shakeology and a 30 Day trial for the club for $140.  The Club membership to continue the streaming videos is $38.87 billed Quarterly which breaks down to about $3 a week.  Also, Shakeology breaks down to about $3.50 to $4.00 a shake.  You have to eat something.  Why not make it the most nutritious thing you can put in your body?

I’d love to answer your questions.  Please contact me at  You can also find me on Facebook at

There has never been a better time, or an easier way, to get in shape and feel better.  I’ll never be an underwear model, but I can and I am being healthy and setting an example for my children.

Go here to order it and give it a roll, send me a message and let me know you got it and we’ll get you in a Challenge Group, OR, message me for more details.  Don’t let this slip by you.  Take charge of your life…NOW!!

Click HERE to order the Beachbody On-Demand Challenge Pack.

Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure



I don’t like Failure.  I don’t know of anyone who really does.  If you do, then we need to have a serious chat.  I mean, REALLY?  But, why are so many people afraid of failure?  Some people are more afraid of failure than others.  Maybe it’s imprinted into our genetics to avoid failure.  Maybe it’s learned.  Maybe it’s life experiences.  The question then is, why do some people seek it out and rise above it and some people avoid it at all costs?

Fear of Failure in Sports

If you talk to any athlete, especially Professional Athletes, they will tell you about their failures as much as their successes.  As many of you know, I love Baseball.  One of the things we tell our boys when we start coaching them is, welcome to a game of failure.  You are going to strike out more times than you hit home runs.  You are going to make errors.  The best hitters in Professional Baseball are excited about getting a hit 35% of the time at the plate.  Pitchers walk people.  They make physical and mental mistakes in the field.

Right now I’m coaching Football.  I am the Defensive Coordinator and the Line Coach for our Varsity Team.  We have a former NFL player helping us now too.  I’m loving it.  He told us yesterday that during the course of a game, on any individual play, you are possibly going to beat someone on the line, or, you may get beaten.  Technique, Strength, Quickness all play into it but every game, you win some and lose some on the line.  Every sport is like that and that is part of the reason why I love sports.  It teaches individual and team success and then how to handle individual and team failures.  Through the course of my life, I have seen people fail and then decide to be better the next time and use it as a fire to succeed.  They got up and they got after it vowing to not have it happen again.  Then again, I’ve seen others fail and quit.  One thing is for sure, any time we start something new, whatever it is, we can expect to fail and sometimes fail BIG!!  It has to happen to learn how to succeed.

Failure – We don’t want to Lose Face

Our society now is geared toward respect.  We are seeing a generation now that is saying “Don’t dis’ me” meaning, don’t disrespect me.  So failure isn’t something we want people to see.  I’ve been watching the Little League World Series lately.  Those kids wear their emotions on their sleeves.  When they win, they are jubilant.  When they lose, they are heart broken.  It’s hard to watch sometimes.  BUT, are they failures?  They temporarily think they failed because they lost the game.  Good coaches and parents though remind them that although they didn’t win the ultimate prize, there are a lot of kids back home wishing they had made it as far as they did.  Looking back on it later, they will realize they went after it, knowing that out of all those teams, there would only be one true final winner.  Did they set themselves up for failure?  Possibly.  One thing is for sure though.  There is no chance of huge success without a risk of huge failure.

Fear of Failure – What are you Risking?



When we go after something big, and we don’t achieve it, we think others may be laughing at us or looking down on us with pity.  The truth is that many people who we think are looking at us with disdain are really a bit envious.  I love the quote by Dick Scobee, the Commander of Space Shuttle Challenger that exploded on liftoff in 1986.  He said “When you find something you really like to do, and you’re willing to risk the consequences of that, you really probably out to go do it.”  Don’t let others live your life.  YOU have to live your life and live with the regret of not daring to do great things.  Are you living life boldly or in the shadows?

Fear of Failure – Get Over It!!

So, the bottom line is, get over yourself.  You are going to fail.  You will sometimes fail BIG.  Anything worth doing is worth failing at until you get it right.  Each failure can become a learning experience and a stepping stone to huge success if we use it that way.  I’m not suggesting you go take a second and third mortgage on your house in order to start a business right off the bat unless you have done a tremendous amount of education and are willing to risk that.  What I AM saying though is failure is going to happen.  You are going to fall on your face if you step out and risk something.  The question is, are you going to get up?  Are you going to make it happen or wait for it to happen?  The bottom line is, failure is going to find you.  You can meet it on your terms or wait for it.  If you do nothing, you are already a failure because you are doing nothing.  When you meet it head on, you are meeting it on your terms and can control the situation better.

Don’t fear failure, embrace it.  Enjoy it.  Learn from it.  Make yourself better from it.  Make failure your friend because, through all that failure, you will find success.  That is the promise.  If you keep hitting the wall, eventually, you WILL break through it.

Here is a great book you can check out.  It’s called “Failing Forward” by John Maxwell.  I highly suggest getting this book and devouring it.  It will help you in every aspect of your life.

I have had many people not want to start a fitness program because they were afraid of failure.  Many were afraid of the pain they would face, but many had tried many times and failed and had given up.  DO NOT DO THAT!!  Get up and keep after it.  For me, it will be a lifelong journey.  I am not where I want to be.  It will be a long time until I get there.  BUT, I am much better now than I would have been had I not tried…again and again.  That is why I love Beachbody.  I will never forget Tony Horton saying, just keep showing up.  Do your best and forget the rest.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If you could be the perfect weight and have abs after one workout, everyone would be that way.  It takes hard work, and a lot of failure but through that failure, success will eventually come!!

Contact me and let me know how you are doing with failing.  I’d love to hear from you, and help you!!

PiYo Review

PiYo Challenge Pack

PiYo Challenge Pack

PiYo Challenge Pack

PiYo Challenge Pack

PiYo Review

PiYo is our newest program released by Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire.  I will be the first to admit, PiYo will not be the program that will be my “soulmate” workout.   But that is fine.  That is why we have many different programs for many different people.  I have done the workouts but I doubt I ever do the full program.  I’m more of a Body Beast and P90X type of guy.  But, I can definitely see me mixing in some PiYo with the rest of my workouts though.  I like the workouts because you use your own body weight and no equipment is needed.  There are some great moves for stretching, balance and coordination.

The PiYo workouts are anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes a day.  As with all the other programs Beachbody has, you can modify to get the most of the programs.  If you are a beginner and haven’t worked out in years, you will get a LOT out of this program.  If you are fit and in incredible shape, you will STILL get a lot out of this program.  I can see me doing at least one of the programs once a week, maybe more.  The core program is absolutely incredible.  I was extremely impressed with how much it hit my abs from so many different angles in ways they hadn’t been challenged before.

I highly suggest getting the PiYo Challenge Pack.  The Challenge Pack comes with Shakeology along with the program.  To see the clinical trial video on it, click HERE.  Then, every 30 days, you will get a new order of shakeology that you can postpone, change, or cancel at any time.  How can you possibly go wrong.  Here is where you go to order or to get more information – PiYo Challenge Pack

So, here is what you get with PiYo!!

Your PiYo program includes:


  • Align: The Fundamentals (40 min.): This workout breaks down the most important and effective moves in the program to help you perfect your form and get the best results possible.
  • Define: Lower Body (25 min.): Get your sleekest and leanest legs ever as you lengthen and strengthen your entire lower body—from your glutes and hamstrings to your calves.
  • Define: Upper Body (20 min.): Use this incredibly effective workout to start chiseling away at your upper body to help shape your arms, carve out your triceps, and define sexy shoulders.
  • Sweat (35 min.): A traditional PiYo workout that incorporates effective dynamic conditioning, fast-paced cardio yoga-flows, and bodyweight resistance strength training to help sculpt your entire body.
  • Core (30 min.): This ab-centric workout hits your powerhouse from every angle to build a strong core, flat, sculpted abs and obliques, as well as a strong and sexy back.
  • Strength Intervals (25 min.): Twenty-five minutes is all you need of this nonstop body-carving, calorie-incinerating workout that uses no weights, no equipment, and gives you no bulk!
  • Drench (45 min.): This endurance workout maximizes fat burning while it works every muscle in your body. It will not only leave you drenched—it will kick-start your metabolism as you scorch away the fat.
  • Sculpt (30 min.): This workout uses varying tempos to keep your muscles under tension for different periods of time. This generates muscular endurance and metabolic changes that will totally transform your figure.


Quick Start GuideQuick Start Guide. Everything you need to know to get started including valuable insider tips to get your best results possible! Plus, discover how each powerful workout is strategically designed to transform your body.
PiYo 60-Day Workout CalendarPiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar. Chalene arranged the workouts to make sure you are progressing each week as you build up your strength, flexibility, and stamina.


Get Lean Eating PlanGet Lean Eating Plan. A simplified approach to clean and lean eating designed to fit your lifestyle and your taste buds! Learn how to eat a variety of delicious, nutritious foods that keep you properly fueled, satiated, and nourished—and help you define your best body.
BunsBuns (25 min.): Focused on the glutes, this workout is designed to lift, redefine, and tighten the entire backside of your body for the perfect tight and round butt.
Tape MeasureTape Measure. Track your progress as you melt the fat away faster than you ever imagined.
24/7 Online Support24/7 Online Support. Get motivated anytime of day with access to proven fitness, nutrition, and motivation tips. You’ll even get exclusive invitations to live video chats with Chalene Johnson. You’ll find unlimited peer support here, and you can even join a PiYo Challenge Group.


100% Satisfaction 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try this program with the PiYo 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your results within 60 days, simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization number to return the program for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked.

SO – again, to order, and see more information, just click HERE – let me know you got it and we’ll get you into a challenge group for accountability and support.  You’re going to LOVE how you feel!!!

To your health –

Jay Floyd –

3 Day Refresh Review

3 Day Refresh Review

3 Day Refresh

3 Day Refresh

I have been traveling for the last 3 weeks.  I went out of the Country to Africa for 2 weeks and then back to Las Vegas for a week.  I only worked out twice during that time.  I didn’t gain any weight but I felt “fluffy” when we got home.  While we were in Las Vegas at the Beachbody Coach Summit, they announced a new product called “3 Day Refresh“.  We had done the Ultimate Reset in the past, and had great results so, I trusted Beachbody when they announced this new product.  Many of our customers and coaches had been doing a 3 day cleanse using Shakeology for 3 meals a day.  Isabelle Daikeler, the wife of CEO Carl Daikeler and one of the developers of Shakeology told Carl that Shakeology wasn’t intended to be used that way and for a “complete” nutritional plan, it has to be combined with real foods for the rest of the day, not just shakeology for 3 meals a day for 3 days.  So, they set out to develop a new nutritional product to add to our product line.

3 Day Refresh – What’s Included

The 3-Day Refresh Complete Kit includes:

SHAKEOLOGY for breakfast – Packed with potent superfoods, Shakeology starts each day of your Refresh with Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition® to help improve and support all your body’s vital functions, while also helping to maximize energy and maintain healthy blood sugar levels (available in your choice of 6 flavors, including vegan options—recommended).*

VANILLA FRESH shakes for lunch and dinner – This patent-pending, delicious, and protein-rich formula helps curb your hunger with more than 20 grams of wholesome plant-based protein, 22 essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics for digestive health, and a patented potato protein extract clinically tested to satisfy your appetite.*

FIBER SWEEP drink – Gently and naturally eliminates waste from your digestive system with its patent-pending blend of whole ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks.* As part of a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, Fiber Sweep can help lower cholesterol, support healthy blood sugar levels, and may even reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.*

PROGRAM GUIDE – This comprehensive guide walks you through how this program works, what to expect, and how to prepare your shopping list, as well as your body, for the 3-Day Refresh. It also contains a menu planner with numerous easy-to-make, nutritious, and delicious meals, a list of fruit and veggie options, guilt-free flavorings, and recipes for fresh-pressed juices.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We’re so sure that you’ll see the benefits of the 3-Day Refresh for weeks to come that we’re backing the program with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Do the Refresh and if you’re not still feeling lighter, leaner, and cleaner 30 days from now, return it for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h).

3 Day Refresh – My Results

3 Day Refresh Results

3 Day Refresh Results

We did the program by the letter.  We drank Shakeology for breakfast, drank our water as recommended, Fiber Sweep an hour before lunch, lunch with Vanilla Fresh protein drink, snack and then dinner with Vanilla Fresh protein drink.  The meals were easy to prepare and I had no cravings.  I was also able to workout hard using Body Beast for the 3 days with no loss of energy.  In fact, I had MORE energy.  I slept great and I had no body aches or fatigue.  I lost a total of 10.8 lbs and Melanie lost 8 lbs during the 3 days.  I also lost another 0.5 lbs on the 4th day.  My suggestion is to get this program and do it.  I am including the links below so you can order it, or Contact Me and I will get you whatever information you desire to help you decide to to this.  I’m calling it a plateau bustin’, kick startin’ nutritional product.  Watch my video below.  You HAVE to do this!!

Here are the links you need to get it.

RECOMMENDED – 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack – Comes with a 30 day supply of shakeology and shakeology renews every month…can stop at any time or change flavors at any time. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I HIGHLY recommend this one. Shakeology is the best thing you can put in your body. You can read about it at    Shakeology retails for $129.95 so, this is a good deal. Prior to the 30 day renewal, we can talk about how you get a 25% discount on the shakeology renewal –

3 Day Refresh with 3 Packs of Shakeology – No 30 day supply of shakeology and no shakeology renewal –

3 Day Refresh with No Shakeology (meant for people who already have shakeology on hand) –




Something New

Something New

Something New

Something New

I’d love to know what went through your mind when you read that.  For some people, it’s exciting.  For some people, it’s so scary they just broke out into a sweat.  But, remember, EVERYTHING you have EVER done, at ONE time you did it for the FIRST time.  Something New doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating to be exciting and refreshing.  It just has to be something new.

I won’t go into much detail but it is scriptural also.  The Bible says we are to become a new creation in Christ and should strive for the renewing of our minds.  God wants us to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.  We are designed to get up and do something creative.  It can be something as simple as buying mushroom soup instead of tomato soup or as complex as traveling to another country with no agenda and seeing what happens when you get into a new environment with new people.  The main thing is to just explore your boundaries and get out of the mundane and into the light.

I am currently reading a book by Dr. Ben Carson called “Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk“.  Our second son is named after him.  There are 4 basic questions he asks.  1) What is the best thing that can happen if I do it?   2) What is the worst thing that can happen if I do it?   3)  What is the best thing that can happen if I don’t do it?  4)  What is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t do it?  Trying something new should not be complicated.  Just evaluate the risk and if the risks are acceptable, do it.  DO SOMETHING.

I can go down a list of things I’ve done in the past few years that have scared me a bit.  From a new martial arts class, to going into the bush of Mali, West Africa, to having a friend plan and coordinate a trip to Nigeria and me totally trusting him to take care of me there, to starting to workout again, to starting a new Beachbody business, to coaching football, to leaving my Engineering career, to becoming a beekeeper and the list goes on.  Maybe you have done something new also.  Maybe those things weren’t monumental, but some people are stuck in a rut and living day to day.  I think that’s sad.

There are so many quotes by so many people that talk about comfort zones and doing something and just expanding your horizons to different places.  I’m also reading a book right now by Darren Hardy called “The Compound Effect“.  In that book he describes habits as something that takes root in your life that is hard to get rid of.  Some tasks NEED to be habits.  You don’t need to clog your brain every day with how to brush your teeth, or pour cereal in a bowl, or take a shower, or dress yourself.  Doing those on autopilot frees your mind to do other things that require more mental and brain power.  BUT, most people go through their entire life on autopilot without thinking about or doing something new.  He says that it’s different for different people, but up to 95% of the things we do are done out of habit.  Are they good habits or bad habits?  That’s for you to decide.

Doing something new doesn’t have to be scary, as I said, BUT, if you want to change some things in your life, you have to change some things in your life.  I had someone in Nigeria yesterday tell me I was a very friendly American.  I told her, people are people all over the world.  I’m not intimidated by Nigerians because I know they are people.  They have the same self doubts and self criticisms as anyone else.  BUT, when you smile and say hello, you find out that they are friendly and are waiting for you to make the first move sometimes.  So, try it.  Smile at someone and say hello.  See if they pass your first interview and who knows, you just may find you made a new friend for life.

So, try something new.  I invite you to contact me to try the Beachbody line of products.  Working out at home can be fun.  You just have to find your motivation…you why.  Then, we need to find your soul mate workout.  Couple that with shakeology and you may find you aren’t just doing something new for the sake of doing something new, you’ll likely find out that the change you experience is something that you have been looking for your entire life.  Changing your outward physical appearance and your health situation is something that will spill over into every area of your life.  But, you have to be willing to step out on faith, lay your fears to the side, get out of your comfort zone and do something new.  I refer you back to the 4 questions I posed above from Dr. Carson’s book…..what is stopping you from being the best you can be?

Horses in Business

I was talking to a coach earlier this week and he reminded me of something an old boss and I talked about years ago when we were managing an Engineering Firm. We were looking to hire a new Engineer to come into the firm and trying to figure out what kind of personality we wanted that would be the best fit. This is not going to be a perfect analogy but it works for me. See if this makes sense. This kind of goes along with personality plus or gems or colors or whatever you wish to use to help you figure people out. I have always pondered this since my discussion with my old boss.  I have applied it to our Beachbody Business.

There are basically three types of people who come into an organization and he used the analogy of horses (this is grossly generalized but should help you think about people differently).

Horses for fun

Horses for fun

1) You have a Recreational Horse. They are beautiful and strong. They are a lot of fun. They provide a lot of entertainment. BUT, in the end, they really do no work and only cost you time and money. As long as you understand this type of horse, they don’t frustrate you because you know they are only there for your entertainment to ride and hang out with. Try to get them to pull a wagon or win a race and you are going to be frustrated and you will irritate that horse and they may bite and kick you. Unfortunately, most horses fit this category.

Draft Horses

Draft Horses

2) You have a Draft (Draught) Horse. This horse is a worker and pull the wagons. I think of Clydesdales, Percherons or Belgiums here. They won’t typically bite you or kick you. They are not created for entertainment. They may be pretty to look at but that is not their purpose. Their purpose is to pull heavy loads. They will not win any races, but they will get the work done. You simply have to hook up the wagon and point them in the right direction. You can ride them but they aren’t much fun to ride. You certainly won’t win any races with them. They are humble and just work, usually slowly and methodically.   They are typically trained by hitching them to an older horse and having them work along side the one who knows what to do.  They are very loyal and never leave you in a bind.

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse

3) You have a Race Horse (Quarter Horse). This horse is FAST. They may be beautiful but that is not their purpose. Their purpose is to get down the track, FAST, whether you hang on or not. They are not made for entertainment or work. If you hook them to a wagon, they may break their legs kicking it. They are temperamental and may bite and kick you for no good reason, simply because they can. This horse is flashy and will win you a lot of money at the track, IF they are trained properly and put in a position to win. The trainer is key here to keep them on the track and pointed in the right direction. They are fast but they will run all over the place unless you stay with them and reign them in and steer them all while prodding them to run faster. They typically don’t play well with others and think they are the best horse on the planet and will get frustrated at the other horses in the pasture.

So, first thing, which horse are you? Are you there for entertainment, work or speed?
The last Coach you brought into the business, which type are they? Are you trying to make a draft horse run fast or hooking an entertainment horse to a wagon and trying to make them pull? Most of us are wired innately to attract one type of horse and only one type. If your organization is full of the entertainment type of horse, you will have a lot of fun, but you won’t make any money and eventually you will get frustrated because you won’t make any money. Hopefully that makes sense.  If it is full of Quarter Horses, they will be all over the place until you can learn to hang on and train them all at the same time.  That is why we developed training systems for the business.

The thing is, unlike horses, we CAN change what we are and it may change from day to day. We can flip from one type to the other with Personal Development (reading books and listening to audio) and time in the business and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I’m rereading the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy right now. I want to encourage you to do the same. If you don’t have that book, get it and read it. Also, get any audio you can get your hands on by Jim Rohn. Trust me. It will help you in EVERY aspect of your life.

My First Cruise

My First Cruise

Liberty of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas

I went on my first cruise this past week.  I have to tell you, I’m a fan.  I wasn’t sure I would like it because of a host of various reasons, but I am definitely now spoiled.  My first cruise was AMAZING.  I know it had a lot to do with the people I was with and their attitudes.  Last year, we were told Beachbody was chartering a cruise ship.  Not just ANY cruise ship but Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas.  It’s the third largest cruise ship in it’s class.  We had the opportunity to sign up for whichever cabin we wanted.  I signed up for a balcony room and then we were allowed the chance to have the cruise paid for totally or partially based on our performance with Beachbody throughout the year.  It was an amazing year and new coaches that were signed up and each success club point contributed to the money awarded to us by Beachbody to pay for the cruise and we also had the opportunity to have onboard credit for the ship added to our accounts.  Just totally amazing.

I really had no idea what to expect.  I had heard others talking about their First Cruise and other cruises they had been on.  When we pulled up to the dock and saw the ship in the distance, I couldn’t believe the size of this ship.  Liberty of the Seas has 15 decks (the upper one is a small chapel), which is basically 15 stories off of the water and is nearly 4 football fields long (1100+ feet).  She is also a bit over the width of a football field wide at 184 feet wide.  Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed.  We had 3,200 Beachbody Coaches on board with nearly 1,200 crew members taking care of us.  Can you say SPOILED???

My First Cruise – Food

When we boarded the ship, we were starving and they were bringing our bags up to our room.  We really had nothing to do at the time other than go eat.  We went up to the Windjammer Restaurant.  It’s a buffet on the ship with nearly every kind of food from Mexican, Chinese, Salads, Soups, Steaks, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Pizza, etc.  It was so good.  The main dining room was open and we ate breakfast there every morning.  We also ate dinner there every night except for one night when we went to the specialty restaurant Chops where there is a $30 cover per person.  Amazing food there also.  Onboard was also Johnny Rockets where a $6 cover per person gets you burgers, onion rings, etc.  Several stores had pastries, cupcakes, pizza, etc. that were either “complimentary” for the cruise or a small price.  We didn’t get the drink package but for a price, you can get all you can drink soft drinks, wine, and/or liquor/cocktail drinks.  We just got a few glasses of wine here and there and saved our money on that.  Bottom line, is, the food was incredible.

My First Cruise – Entertainment

Jay and Melanie in Cozumel

Jay and Melanie in Cozumel

The ship has a casino on board “taking donations” as the Cruise Director said several times.  We also saw shows like In the Air, One Vocal Band, Ice Skating, Saturday Night Fever and other things like Bingo, Copy Cat Games, Karaoke, Love and Marriage, etc.  There was always something going on.  There were also several pools and hot tubs on board.  The fitness center was top notch and would rival any gym here in our town with free weights and machines along with elliptical machines, bikes and treadmills.  One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored on a cruise like we went on for sure.  Even the kids had special areas and times where they were taken care of by the crew members so adults could have some Mommy and Daddy time.  Oh, did I mention the Flow Rider (boogie board and surfing area), mini-golf, basketball/volleyball courts, ping pong tables, arcades, specialty stores, etc. etc. etc.?  There was too much to do and we had to pick and choose.  They also have a spa for massages and facials, pedicures, manicures, etc. and fitness classes as well.  I can’t remember everything.  It was CRAZY fun.

My First Cruise – Shore Excursions

I’m sure every cruise is different but our first shore excursions were a double reef snorkeling adventure in Cozumel Mexico and just laying out on the beach in Grand Cayman at Tiki Beach at Seven Mile Beach.  There was so much to choose from so, we just picked what we wanted to do and had a ball.  The tickets were delivered to our stateroom with directions on when and where to meet and it all went extremely smoothly.  I loved our shore excursions.

My First Cruise – It won’t be my Last

I’m now officially a Cruiser.  Beachbody gave us the opportunity to go on this cruise and have most if not all of it paid for by Beachbody for those who did the work.  Being on the ship without all our friends would never be the same, but I can see us doing a cruise again in the near future.  We will, of course, take our shakeology with us and eat as healthy as we can, but it was amazing to just be out there with my wife and a lot of our friends.  Just an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about a vacation in the near future, for sure!!

Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating – No, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about me.  Sometimes people don’t eat when they are sad or happy.  I do remember a time when I was very depressed with some rough stuff going on in my life and I was so stressed I literally couldn’t keep anything down.  But that is rare for me.  Most of the time, I feel like eating.  A lot!  I eat when I’m happy.  I eat when I’m sad.  I eat when stressed.  I eat for reward.  I’m a social eater and a private eater.  I love buffets.  I also love all kinds of food.  I grew up eating 3 meals a day that were home cooked and mostly fried.  When you are working in the yard or garden or in the summers in the fields, you can “get away” with eating like that.  But in our society today when we are less active with more sedentary (desk) jobs and all of our modern conveniences, it’s much more difficult to burn off all of the calories we were used to eating.  I love Burgers and Fries, Chinese, Japanese, German, Mexican, Sushi, etc. etc.  The only food I know of that I don’t like is pickled beets.  I have favorites but will eat most anything.  Bottom line though is, eating makes me happy.  There is just something special about sharing a GREAT meal with friends.

Emotional Eating – How Did I Get Here?

Maybe it’s genetics.  Maybe is societal.  Maybe it’s my parents.  Most likely it’s a combination of all three or possibly other factors I don’t even understand.  I have no control over my genetics so, there is no need to even discuss it here.  I just have to understand genetics may play a role in emotional eating but I have to master it.

Society causes us to want to eat.  We eat at parties when we have friends over.  We eat at lunches with clients.  We go out to eat with friends after church.  When we think “good times with friends”, most of the time, food comes immediately to mind.  What are we going to serve at the Baby Shower.  Our guests at the wedding have to be fed.  We even make sure we have food for families that have a death in the family.  When someone is sick or hurting, the first thing that comes to mind most of the time for us is “I wonder if we should take them a meal”.  My Mom would build bake biscuits to take to people.  Family gatherings always centered around food.  Even today, we have family reunions where people bring food.  We look forward to the food probably more than seeing our relatives.  Everyone brings their favorite dish.  At Easter, we go to our cousin’s house and everyone does that.  We even say things like…I hope so and so brings her potato salad or banana pudding or chocolate cake or whatever.  Most people with large families, especially in the South, can totally relate to what I’m talking about here.

My parents were born during the depression in the 30’s.  They rarely had enough to eat or had to work like crazy to get it.  Food is much more abundant now and even though we weren’t rich when I was younger, we had enough money to buy enough food to eat.  We also worked hard in the garden to grow food.  My Mom was a GREAT cook.  There was always food to eat.  If I wanted something special, even as an adult when I was visiting, all I had to do was mention it and Mom would get going preparing it for me.  She wanted to please us with food because it was the one thing she could do to “make us happy” because, as I said, we were lower middle class at BEST.  My Dad was disabled and my Mom was a school nurse and we lived in a small town (less than 500 people).  My graduating class had less than 70.  You can do the math on that one.  So, food was one of the things we really had to look forward to as a family.  We always ate at the table together so it was a centerpiece of our lives.  Happy times meant food.  And yes, I do like to reward myself with food and no, I’m not a dog.

Want to know more about Emotional Eating?  This is a great test for you from Psychology Today.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Just click:  EMOTIONAL EATING

Emotional Eating – How to Break the Habit

Dreaming about Food

Dreaming about Food

I’m still learning.  I wish I had all the answers.  I am still an emotional eater and I always will be.  I can’t imagine going to something like a Super Bowl Party and not having food.  It’s ALWAYS going to be around.  The question is, is it worth it?  The answer is, yes.  There will always be times when we can splurge.  Some people call it cheat days.  I call it living.  We aren’t robots.  But, if we eat clean 90% of the time or better, it’s “OK” to enjoy good foods with good friends.  Tony Horton even said he is a chocoholic.  He does enjoy chocolate now and then and if the portions are VERY small, you possibly even enjoy a bit every day, but not a snickers bar.

For emotional eating, it all comes down to eating for fuel and not fun.  Portion control is key and learning to control cravings is crucial.  Portion control is something Beachbody never really pushed because it isn’t easy to teach.  21 Day Fix solved that with containers to put food in.  Cravings can also be controlled to a large degree with Shakeology.

It all comes down to a mind set.  Are you going to let your emotional eating habits dictate your waistline, or are you going to master it and get more out of life by eating for fuel and not fun.  I’m still on the journey myself.  Come join me and let’s do it together!!