Diets Don’t Work

Diets Don’t Work

Diets Don't Work

Diets Don’t Work

I’m living proof that Diets Don’t Work.  I don’t know why people still think they do.  The first three letters of the word Diet should tell you what I think about diets.  I remember my Aunt having a piece of paper on her refrigerator when I was growing up and it had the saying “Once on the Lips, Forever on the Hips” written on it.  I remember looking at it and wondering what that meant.  I’ve told you before that I grew up on the farm and had a high metabolism so, I didn’t understand dieting.  My Mom cooked 3 meals a day and most of it was fried with lard or vegetable shortening.  The greens had fatback in them.  Everything else was just good comfort food like macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes.  I remember my Aunt always seemed to be dieting and she was always, dare I say it, fat.  In our world she was normal though.  But she never was happy with the shape of her body.  This was during the years when running was popular in the early 70s but she wasn’t going to go out and run.  After I got married and we had a couple of children, I found out quickly what it was like to pack on weight and not know what to do.  I knew I wouldn’t workout in a gym. I also loved food.  I wasn’t going to consistently run and do that right either.  I was basically stuck.  My wife talked me into getting her a treadmill and I used it more than she did.  We eventually did what most people do with it and used it for a towel rack and later sold it in a yard sale for like $30.  So, I was relegated to diets.  Believe me when I tell you we did them all.  We did the no carb, all carb, hollywood, banana, grapefruit, coconut, fruit and veggies only, weight watchers, slim n trim, etc.  You name it we did it.  When I say diets don’t work, please understand me, I did lose weight.  I lost a lot of weight on some of them.  I  lost a bunch of fat.  But, I also lost a lot of muscle.  Sad but true.  And, that in a nutshell is why Diets Don’t Work!!!

Why Diets Don’t Work

It’s really pretty simple why diets don’t work.  People go on diets because they have horrible eating habits otherwise.  If they had great eating habits in general, they would never have to go on a diet.  Because those habits are just that, habits, it is only a matter of time before the diet goes out of the window and the old habits take over.  When that happens, the weight comes back on and it usually comes on faster than it came off and more of it.  That’s why diets don’t work.  As I said before, when you diet, you lose fat, sure, but you also lose muscle.  When you lose muscle, you lose strength and stamina, and your metabolism drops.  When your metabolism drops, you store fat more easily.  Fat comes off last the first place it goes on.  For men, typically, it’s around the waist and for women it’s around the hips and thighs.  The fat can also get stored around internal organs and THAT is when it becomes even more dangerous.  The Yo Yo dieting is called that because you lose on a diet and gain back and lose on a diet and gain back and the cycle keeps repeating until finally, for a lot of people the pancreas finally shouts “THAT’S ENOUGH”  and it just gives up and stops producing insulin and that is when full blown diabetes happens.  It’s not good at all.  The sad thing also is, even if the weight is the same after a diet, you will actually be bigger because fat is less dense than muscle, and you will be even more unhealthy.  It’s like a prison, always dieting.

You know Diets Don’t Work – Now What?

When I’m in a restaurant and I order things specially made that I know aren’t horrible for me and decline the extra bread or ask the waitress not to bring me the roll with the salad, people sometimes ask what diet I’m on.  I tell them, Diets Don’t Work, but that crap isn’t on my nutritional plan.  I like the words nutritional plan because that sounds like something good for my body whereas diet sounds like something I’m depriving myself of.  I never want to deprive myself of anything and the good news is, there are PLENTY of good foods out there and if the good foods are eaten regularly and the bad foods are eaten in moderation, that is the best way to go.  Also, adding muscle will burn it off.  I remember after starting P90X someone said, the harder you workout the more your body’s metabolism goes up.  My wife said she could feel the heat coming off of my body at night because my metabolism was fired up.  You will turn your body into an incinerator instead of a garbage dump if you workout hard and eat right.  People say exercise more and eat less.  I say, Exercise Right and Eat for Fuel not for Fun.  If you do those things, I promise everything will work out ok.  You’ve heard me say I will never be an underwear model.  But, I’m more healthy now than I ever EVER would have been jumping from diet to diet and doing the yo yo thing.  Contact me and let me help you figure out how to get the most out of your nutritional plan so you don’t feel like you’re starving yourself and find your soul mate workout so it’s fun and not torture.  Beachbody’s workout programs and Shakeology can be a big part of you getting the most out of your life.  I know they have for me and I can help you do it too!!!


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