I’m sure you are not like me.  I’m sure Distractions aren’t a major part of your life.  I’m sure you set out to do a task and never waver or get pulled in a different direction.  OK, I know that is a bit sarcastic and we all get distracted when going through our day to day activities.  One of my very favorite things when I think about distractions is the movie “UP”.  The scene where the dog, Doug, meets the main characters.  He has a collar on that allows him to speak.  So, he comes up to them and starts talking and in mid sentence, he yells “SQUIRREL” and looks off into the distance and a few seconds later, he comes back to his senses and basically starts over with what he was saying.  It’s hilarious.  My wife and I now talk about getting distracted as getting “Squirreled” because of that movie.  Just way too funny.  So, why are distractions such a big part of our lives?  I think it’s a combination of things but for me, it’s just life.  I know they are there and I have to deal with them or they consume my time and energy and make me go absolutely crazy.  Have you ever gone through the day and wondered what happened to the things you had in mind to accomplish?  I have and still do and I do my best to try to keep the distractions to a minimum.

Distractions – Where do they come from?

I think distractions come from the deep pits of hell.  Now, that is a bit sarcastic of course but a little true, right?  I mean, my kids keep getting me hung on stuff that I shouldn’t be hung up on.  For instance, I’m sitting here right now, knowing I have a life on Candy Crush on the app on my phone.  I mean, what in the world?  I also know I could be doing other things right now but I need to prioritize.  I need to get distracted from my distractions.  But, distractions can literally come from anywhere.  They can come from the kids beating on each other, the TV sitting there begging you to turn it on and watch it, the app on the phone, the cell phone dinging letting you know you have a new facebook message or a friend updated a status.  It could even be a friend that calls you wanting to talk about something and you answer the phone and an hour is gone talking about stupid stuff.

Sometimes, distractions are good in and of themselves, but when they pull you from your intended task, then that is when you have to take action and make sure you get rid of those distractions.  So, if you know what your weakness is, you can anticipate where the distractions are coming from and then put yourself into a room or an area or even a state of mine so that you can protect yourself from them.  So, figure out what your distractions are then you will know where they come from and you can help prevent yourself from those distractions.

Distractions – Dealing With Them

Maybe I’m not the best person to talk about dealing with distractions.  When writing this, I’ve been pulled in about 3 different directions already.  So, I’m looking at me and saying…yes, I deal with distractions all of the time too.  I can just sit alone and get distracted.  I have heard people talk about how they get distracted when praying.  They will go off alone to just pray and meditate and they start thinking about everything in the world except for what they should be doing.  With so many things going on in our busy lives that shouldn’t be a surprise.

So, like I said, when I want to do something or get something done, I have to realize where those distractions will be coming from and deal with them.  I’m not a really good list maker.  OK, that’s a lie.  I’m not a list maker.  But I’ve HEARD it can be a really good thing.  So, this is intended for me too.  I have a calendar on my phone that I put important things into so I won’t forget and our schedule in the evenings is driven by Martial Arts classes for me and the kids, sports, and things we do with our friends.  Throw in Church and Discipleship groups and all of a sudden our time is being monopolized by things that are important so it becomes even more important to not get distracted when dealing with the other things in life that need to be done.  So, plan for your distractions and get the important things done first.

I have to plan my time to workout.  When I started my fitness journey, I knew I had to get rid of distractions to get this thing done.  And that is exactly what I did.  I got up in the mornings at 5:00 AM and started my workouts with P90X by 5:30 AM.  I knew if I waited until later in the evenings to workout, the distractions would kill me and it wouldn’t get done.  I also knew my nutrition was important and if I got distracted and didn’t eat, I would be starving and eat crap so, Shakeology takes that one piece out of the equation.  As I said, figure out where your distractions will come from and avoid or deal with them.

So, as a parting shot…don’t get squirreled going through life.  Plan your day and then work your plan!!



  1. Too many lives are lost on our nations roadways, simply because somebody took their eyes off the road for “just a second.” Don’t be fooled, It can happen to you, either because of your driving or because of somebodye elses driving. As a professional truck driver, I saw all sorts of catastrophic accidents and most of them were completely avoidable. That’s part of the reason I created this website. I’m sick and tired of seeing and hearing about people who are dead because they either didn’t have the will power or know-how to properly handle driving distractions. Many of the deadly accidents I’ve seen occurred over pretty insignificant things like a dropped beverage, trying to eat and drive at the same time, texting wile driving, etc. Just drive! A double quarter-pounder with cheese is not worth risking your life or my life.

  2. There are a lot of other distractions here, too, though, including fairly frequent loud family guests. But you have to learn to work around such things. I’m actually fortunate that I live in an otherwise quiet part of town, and can go for a walk in the forest if it gets too hectic at home.

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