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Do Something

Do Something!!

Do Something

Do Something

I know you are thinking, I am doing something right now!  I’m reading your blog!!  But, I don’t mean it that way.  What I’m talking about is doing something.  Do Something just doesn’t mean do anything, it means do something.  There is a big difference between something and anything.  Most people just do anything.  They really have no plan.  Whatever happens to them happens.  It’s really kind of sad when you think about it, that people are leaving their entire lives up to chance.  I heard someone say once (back when men wore ties regularly) that the average man spends more time picking out a good tie than picking out his career.  It’s kind of true for me.  I knew I liked the outdoors and wanted to spend some time in my career outside, but I really had no clue at all what I wanted to do.  When I went to College, I still didn’t know exactly what I wanted to major in but I knew I had to do something and get a degree.  So, that is what I did.  I went into the Engineering Department the first week I was there and they had a neat demonstration of a house sitting on some sandy soil (most people call it dirt) and they shook it and slowly added water.  As the water came up into it, it liquefied and the house sank.  It was pretty cool, so, I decided right then and there that I wanted to be a Civil Engineer.  My Dad had worked in construction earlier in his life before changing careers and always talked about it and I grew up on a farm, so, it was kind of in my blood anyway, so, that is how I chose my major.  I really had no idea what would be involved in getting that degree, but, it was the first step into my new career.  I did find out that Civil Engineering was the most broad of all of the Engineering Professions as you can go into Structural, Environmental, Waste Water, Construction Materials, Geotechnical, Roadways, etc.

Do Something, Even if it’s WRONG!!

Melanie and I had similar parents.  I remember my Mom saying that to me when i was just laying around doing nothing.  Apparently, her Mom said the same thing to her.  I don’t know where they got it, but we’ve passed it along to our kids.  DO SOMETHING!!  Even if it’s WRONG!!  In these days of electronic gizmos and whatnots, it is easy to just sit around and vegetate.  When I was growing up, we didn’t have all that stuff.  We had to either read, watch TV or go outside and play and make up our own games.  We had to go outside and do something.  During the summers, alot of times, it was cooler outside than inside.  We had no air conditioning.  The cool thing was, we didn’t have to worry about getting into too much trouble.  We were outside doing something.  Looking back on it, it was so much fun.  It wasn’t about sitting around and watching TV.  We only had 4 channels so we had very few choices.  The only time Cartoons were on TV was Saturday mornings.  So, the average kids then were just naturally a lot more active than kids today.  Is there any wonder why we have such an obesity problem among our kids today?  There are a lot of programs out there to help keep kids active, like baseball, softball, soccer, karate, etc., but it’s only an hour or two a week.  The rest of the time for out kids and even adults is spent in front of the TV.  Our work environments are changing also.  100 years ago, most people worked on the family farm, now, less than 1 percent do.  There are many many more desk jobs now than in the past.

Do Something, it has to be an INTENTIONAL choice

It is easy to go with the flow.  The saying goes, even a dead fish can float downstream.  Doing something out of the ordinary takes and INTENTIONAL choice.   We have to decide to do something out of the ordinary.  We have to decide to get up and move.  We live sedentary lives now and physical activity isn’t one of the top things on our list.  We have to get up and move and plan our day to get it done.  Many people like going to the gym.  Many like to go out and run.  Many like to workout at home to DVDs.  Unfortunately, when it comes down to DO SOMETHING, most people don’t.  The activity level is usually dictated only by what has to be done instead of what should be done.  So, my challenge to you is, to do something.  At Beachbody, we have a lot of different workout programs that can fit anyone’s tastes, from Tai Cheng that is slow and methodical and great for people with joint problems who can’t move well to Insanity and P90X for those who want to get extreme results and now Ten Minute Trainer and T25 for those without much time.  We even have Shakeology to help you take the thought process out of good nutrition.  The beautiful thing is, you can become a coach and help others as you are helping yourself.



Don’t let life pass you by.  Get going now.  Don’t wait until you are old and frail and wish you had taken care of your body.  Don’t wait for a Doctor to tell you that you have high blood pressure and your cholesterol is off the chart and you need to be on insulin or other medications or worse, need bypass surgery to lose weight.  Don’t wait for a Doctor to tell you that you have cancer to change your lifestyle and eating habits.  Work now to protect your body and mind.  Do SOMETHING!!  You only have one chance to take care of your body.  Make it count.


  1. Don’t forget that you can ask questions, too. Even if you feel a little funny or embarrassed, go ahead and ask your question. Doctors have heard it all and you may be surprised to learn that many other kids have asked the same question. By asking questions you’ll learn more about the way your body works and how you can take care of something very important — your health!

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