First Full Round P90X2

First Full Round P90X2



I found P90X back in May of 2007 and started doing it weighing nearly 300 lbs.  I was trying to remember today when we released P90X2 but it was 2 or 3 years ago.  They touted it as the next evolution of P90X.  I thought I was ready for it when I started it and I was.  My main problem is focus.  I had also been doing P90X+ and had some shoulder problems also.  So, when I started it, I didn’t count on all of the moves that irritated my shoulder a bit, so, I put it back on the shelf thinking I’d not do it again.  I let a friend of mine borrow it and went back to doing some P90X and other programs like Slim in 6, Insanity and Turbo Jam and mixing it up with other things I enjoyed.

Well, as you may or may not have heard, P90X3 is coming in December…December 10th to be exact.  So, I was challenged by my good friend and pal who is in P90X3, Susan Lucy, to do a full round of P90X2.  I told her I didn’t know if my shoulders would hold up and that I had attempted it in the past but didn’t really enjoy it then.

Since that time though, I had my shoulder fixed by a 10th Degree Blackbelt who assured me that most of my shoulder problems were caused by a lack of a range of motion and showed me some great stretches dating back to LONG ago.  Sure enough, in one afternoon, really within about 5 minutes, he “fixed” my shoulder problems.  So, now, I’m hitting P90X2 after doing a round of Focus T25 and 3 weeks of The Ultimate Reset.

First Full Round of P90X2 – So Far

I will likely write a full review of what happens with me during P90X2 soon, but in the meantime, I had to write about my progress with P90X2 so far.

P90X & P90X2

P90X & P90X2

It starts with 3 weeks, more if you need it of Phase I which gets you ready for what is to come.  Tony Horton, creator and founder of the P90 series will even tell you that P90X2 is a graduate program of P90X.  Although I haven’t done P90X in awhile, my base of fitness is more than ready for this and I have all the equipment I need, including my pullup bar.

I noticed during my first week that my balance and coordination is way off from where it used to be.  But today being Day 9, during “The World’s Greatest Stretch”, my balance was spot on and I felt GREAT.  I’ve noticed that although my balance and coordination isn’t where it should be, it is coming back to me rapidly.

One thing P90X2 works on is balance, coordination, agility and almost all of the moves have some sort of synergistic qualities so you aren’t working just one major muscle group but several body parts at the same time.  I’m loving it so far.

First Full Round of P90X2 – What am I expecting?

Well, you have heard me say I’m not an underwear model.  I am just on the journey and I’m doing the best I can do with what I have.  But, I plan on being the best me I can be.  My goal is to get in the best shape I can get into and complete the entire 90 Days of P90X2.  It’s just a goal that most people can achieve.  I’m not as concerned about losing weight as I am about trimming a little body fat percentage and getting ready for P90X3.  P90X3 isn’t a graduate program and according to Tony, all but 1 person in the test group lost 10%+ body fat, so, I’m totally stoked to see what’s going to happen.

So, what are your goals?  What are you doing to get in and stay in shape?  Why are you doing it?  I’m doing it for my family because I want to be around for them but I’m also doing it for me.  I know if I’m in great shape and look and feel good, I walk faster, talk faster and I’m just a much better person to be around.

What are you going to do for the rest of your life?  Is it going to be the best it can be or are you just going to survive?  Let me help you get to where you want and need to be.  Maybe P90X2 isn’t your thing, but I bet we have a workout program to stimulate you that you will enjoy and come back to again and again.  We call it the “soul mate” workout.  Couple it with Shakeology and how can you possibly lose?

Let me help you find your Soul Mate workout.

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