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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) | Jay Floyd Fitness

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

This is a strange topic for me.  It’s not that I was not used to doing High Intensity Interval Training in the past.  It’s simply because the thought of Intensity and Working Out in the same sentence was so foreign to me for so long.  I didn’t workout after college for 15 years.  It was CRAZY to think how bad I let my fitness get, but I did.  I didn’t know what to do, but I knew going to the gym was out and I didn’t have a home gym so, it was run or walk and frankly, I’m not a runner.  So, getting exercise for me was getting up and going to the fridge.  I would occasionally go out for a run, but when I broke a sweat it was time to stop.  I would get sore and wait until the soreness went away and then maybe try it again.  Does ANY of this sound familiar to you?  Please tell me it does.  Now, it was a different story in High School.  We had natural interval training.  It was also High Intensity Interval Training.  It was called sprints.  We even did what we called suicides or gut busters for baseball and football.  Those are where you run about 5 yards, touch the ground, run back, touch the ground, run out 10 yards, touch the ground, run back, and do that out to about 20 yards or so.  I hated wind sprints or suicides.  But, it was natural interval training.  That kind of training is GREAT for athletes.  Cardio builds stamina but interval training builds fast recovery ability.  For instance, in baseball, ever see a guy truck it down to first base hard to beat out a bunt or ground ball.  Then a minute or two later, he trucks it down to second only to have the batter foul the ball off so he runs back to first and that may repeat itself a few times.  High Intensity Interval Training allows the heart rate to go up high to pump the blood where it needs to go and then allows for quick recovery so the body is ready to go again fast.  Cardio just gets the heart rate up to a decent rate and it stays there pretty much for the duration of the exercise.

 High Intensity Training for Normal People

Remember, there are a lot of studies out there on High Intensity Interval Training.  This is coming from my own perspective.  I can tell you that High Intensity Interval Training takes a shorter amount of time for the same results for calorie burn and for weight loss.  There are also studies that conclude that there is an “After Burn” that happens for up to 24 hours AFTER you finish your exercise.  P90X Plyometrics is a kind of interval training also.  I remember one day looking at my heart rate monitor and seeing 900 calories burned during the workout.  That was in 1 hour.  I was really getting after it.  What surprised me was an hour later, I had burned an additional 400 calories just sitting at the computer.  I don’t know how accurate that is but it’s a fact that High Intensity Interval Training gives you great results.  Of course, they will differ for you depending on your body type and your past workout history and your genetics.  The first time I really heard the “After Burn” explained was when Turbo Fire came out.  It is a follow-up program to Turbo Jam, both done by Chalene Johnson.  Chalene takes you on a ride that is fun and definitely turns on the heat by having moderate periods of exercise followed by short bursts of High Intensity.  Insanity on the other hand takes you through periods of High Intensity followed by short periods of rest/moderate exercise.  They are totally opposite.  Both will give you the After Burn but just in different ways.  Insanity is for people who can get after it right now and your knees aren’t a problem.  Turbo Fire is more easily modified and is a great workout that can get you where you need to be if you aren’t ready for Insanity now.  Of course, Turbo Jam is a little less intense than either of these.

High Intensity Interval Training for Dummies

When I was playing baseball and running to get in shape, our coach would set up cones on the track.  We would have to sprint one, walk one, jog one, sprint one, walk one, jog one, etc.  That was High Intensity Interval Training for us in baseball.  The cones were about 110 to 120 feet apart because the baselines were 90 feet.  He said you never practice running 90 feet if that is the goal, you always add a third to it.  If you are used to sprinting 110 to 120 feet, 90 feet is no big deal.  So, that is basically what interval training is.  It makes you get the same basic workout in and do it in a shorter amount of time.  You also get the After Burn so you burn more calories longer after the workout is done.  Don’t forget as you are doing High Intensity Interval Training that you also need to incorporate resistance and flexibility into your regimen.  Don’t become a one trick pony or even though you are hitting the High Intensity Interval Training hard, you will still plateau.  Mix it up and have fun!!  Contact me and we can talk more about it but have fun and get moving!!!


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