I have NO Willpower!

I have NO Willpower!!

No Willpower

No Willpower

Well, I shouldn’t say I have NO Willpower, but it feels like that at times.  I have plenty of willpower for things I don’t like, but sometimes none for those that I do.  A good friend of mine even said that to me not long ago.   He is also a Beachbody Coach.  We were at a function and they had a big spread of all you can eat foods.  I did pretty good on most of the stuff, just tasting and sampling things here and there, but at the end of this spread, and when I say spread I mean SPREAD, there was an ice cream bar.  The ice cream bar had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, pineapple, cherries, Oreo pieces, caramel and chocolate syrup, M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, sprinkles, you name it.  I got a big ol’ bowl of it and sat down, beside Melanie, who also had hers and we commenced to enjoy it, until my friend walked by and said laughingly,  “You have NO Willpower!!”  I’d like to say that diminished the enjoyment of the ice cream but we just grinned at each other and kept eating.  How is it that I sabotage myself like that??  I had been doing so good!  Working out hard is not a problem anymore.  I’m used to it and I even enjoy soreness.   In fact, I’m very sore today from doing Body Beast Bulk Legs yesterday.  That weekend, we had also worked out twice for about an hour each time with the guys from Les Mills Combat, Dan and Rach!!   I included my sweaty picture for you to enjoy.  So, why do I have NO WILLPOWER when it comes to food?  Peter Gabriel’s song “No Self Control” starts with the lyrics – “Got to get some food, I’m so hungry all the time, I don’t know how to stop, I don’t know how to stop”

How my having NO Willpower started

Me and Rach

Me and Rach

I am not making excuses, but I’m trying to figure out how/why this happens to me.  I have given this a lot of thought.  I was raised on a farm by parents who were raised during the depression era.  My Mom cooked 2 meals a day during the school year (she was a school nurse) and 3 meals a day during holidays and the summer.  We worked hard, we played hard and we ate well, mainly what we grew or raised.   The food was good and plentiful usually.  But, I can still hear my Mom saying, “Be sure to clean your plate.  We didn’t have that much when we were growing up and you should be happy to have it.”  Not many people know this but she basically made me eat rutabagas one time until I literally threw up.  I still love them though.  The bottom line is, eating everything she prepared for us made her feel good and gave her worth as a provider and Mom and it was GOOD!!  Meals were ALWAYS finished with cakes, pies or some sort of dessert.  I developed a sweet tooth early in life.  I used to run through the house jumping up and down to make her pound cakes fall because they were better that way and she’d always holler at me to stop.  Heh.  The more I ate, the more my Dad would say “He REALLY likes that” and the more it pleased my Mom and the more that behavior was reinforced.  I’d have to say we were eating for fuel because we were working hard, but we were also eating for fun.  It was definitely a social time.

How I kicked the No Willpower habit

I haven’t.  I am getting better, but I will always be a recovering “foodaholic”.  I have no idea how alcoholics or children/parents of alcoholics feel.  I do know a little about nicotine.  I saw my Dad quit smoking when he was in his early 50s.  It took him almost dying of a rupture in his lung to bring him to his senses but it was something he learned to live without.  FOOD on the other hand, is something we need to live.  That is what makes it tough.  It’s still social.  “Let’s go to lunch” – “Let’s go to Dinner” – Church Socials, Super Bowl Parties, nearly EVERY social gathering is going to have food.  At our Sunday School Party this year, I walked around the table, full of stuff people brought and looked at Melanie and said, “Where is the food?”  She said, “On that table right there.”  I said, “No, that is nothing but desserts, where is the food?”  She said, “That’s it.”  Everybody brought sweets.  There were some deviled eggs, meatballs and little smokie sausages but other than that, it was SUGAR/CARB HEAVEN!!  And, as much as I wanted to resist, I just had to sample a bit of everything, in an attempt to make the people who brought it happy I guess.  So, I’ll always be a “foodaholic”.  I think that explains why we have the obesity problem in this country and around the world.  Something we need for survival can so easily get out of control.  So, I’m still in the process of learning how to eat for fuel and not for fun.  I read somewhere that “You are not a Dog!  Stop rewarding yourself with food!”  That is what I’m still learning to do, and every day is a challenge because the stuff out there that is so yummy is so cheap and so accessible.  That is why I love Shakeology.  I can get my chocolate fix every day and it’s healthy and good for me.  Join me on the journey to better health and let’s kick this NO WILLPOWER problem together.


  1. i have the same problem i eat when im stressed when we have celebrations weddings showers we have food i have even found my self rewarding my children with food so im trying to refocus on that. i too am a foodaholic and trying to eat to live not live to eat. my five year old said a few years back….. i wuv food. and she is a carbaholic since both of us parents have weight problems this scares me so i too am re invinting myself this year i love my chocolate shakeology, not only does it give my sweet tooth but to me its the only one that keeps me full from one meat to the next. so i have claimed that 2013 is the year for finding the skinny/healthier me.

    • Amen girl!! It’s time to kick this thing in the butt. Last night, I ate a plate of food and I looked at Melanie and said…I’m still hungry. She said are you REALLY hungry or is it just because you know it’s in there. I just sighed and decided not to go back for seconds, but it is a struggle, every day. I don’t want people to think it’s easy for me because it isn’t. Like I said, other things people are addicted to you can get away from or say no to, but you can’t say no to food. It’s like telling an alcoholic, only have one glass of wine. It’s HARD…..but, that is why we have each other to lean on and learn from, and why I started this blog and why I love the Beachbody Community. It’s about being the best you can be…whatever form that takes, right?

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