It’s my Birthday!!

It’s my Birthday!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Well, it’s actually not my birthday today, but it was a couple of days ago.  I was born on October 9th.  I was 21×2+6.  For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that’s 48.  Someone said “Happy 50th Birthday” and I said…I’m not quite there yet, but I can sure smell it from here.  Funny thing is, I don’t feel old.  I know, 48 isn’t technically old.  With increasing life expectancies from our wonderful health care system, I have a few more years to go barring any accidents or tragedies or serious unexpected illnesses.

The question then becomes a matter of “quality of life”.  I know a lot of people my age that are already acting as though they are in their 70s.  They are overweight/obese and have been that way for most of their adult lives.  As a result, their joints and internal organs have taken a beating trying to keep up with poor nutritional habits and lifestyle.  On the other hand, I know people in their 60s and 70s who are extremely active and can run circles around me.  One that comes immediately to mind that was in the news again recently is Diana Nyad.  Diana just completed the swim from Cuba to Florida.  This was something that had aluded her so many times but she finally did it…at SIXTY FOUR.  Most people would have thrown in the towel, but not Diana.  She’s awesome and is one of my heroes.

This article isn’t really about me or Diana Nyad.  This is about you.  I had someone post on facebook the other day when it was my birthday “Congratulations on another successful trip around the sun!!”  How true that is.  It was another successful trip around the sun.  My question to you though is, how successful was your last trip around the sun?

It’s My Birthday!! – Make it Count!!

When you think back on your last year of life, are you where you thought you would be?  Did you have dreams that went unfulfilled?  Did you have goals you didn’t meet?  Did you accomplish everything you wanted to?  I hope your answer to all that is that you are not where you want to be but I hope that is only because you set such high goals for yourself that it would have taken a near miracle to accomplish them.  So, let’s back up one step.  How are you doing?  I mean, come on, get real….how are you REALLY doing?

Are you better off, the same or worse spiritually?  How about Financially?  Emotionally?  Mentally? Physically?

Here is something that is funny and I’ve seen it again and again and again with people across different societal, racial, economic class, etc.  Fix your physical situation and everything else follows.  Fix your spiritual situation and everything else follows.

Here is what I mean.  When I weighed nearly 300 lbs before finding P90X, everything in my life was a wreck, even my spiritual life.  When I got that under control, and it didn’t happen overnight, everything else seemed to fall into place.  I had been overweight for over 15 years and regardless of what people say, when you’re that heavy for that long, you can’t help but think people look at you differently because they do.  I felt better about myself, my spiritual life improved, I slept better, I began making more money, I looked for opportunities to help people, it was just amazing.

It’s My Birthday!! – With More To Come!!

Most people go through life just existing.  I refuse to do that anymore.  We all have only a certain number of trips to make around the sun as my friend said.  I want every single one of them to count.  That starts by making each and every day the best it can be.  That means I need to be putting good food in my body and making sure to exercise and keep my body in good working order.  The good food starts with Shakeology and the exercise happens with all of the great Beachbody Programs we have.  When your health breaks down, everything else takes a hit as well.  I am excited to think the last half of my life is going to be better than the first half and I’m not sitting around waiting to die, but I’m actively making my life count for something that is bigger and better than me.

In the words if Ferris Beuler – Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Don’t miss life because you don’t stop and look around.  Be the best you can be.  You deserve nothing less.


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