My Kids Workout

My Kids Workout

My Kids Workout

My Kids Workout

If you ask most people what example they are setting for their children and what they are teaching them, they likely won’t say “My Kids Workout“.  Now, truly there are a lot of things our kids model from what we do and there are a lot of things I want them to grow up with.  I need to be a man of peace and a Godly man so they can model that and learn how to treat other people and live in this world with others.  Back before I found P90X, the only thing I was modeling for them with my physical body was how to lay on the couch and watch TV and how to eat…a LOT!  So, when I found P90X, I had no idea of the effect it was going to have on my kids.  They were roughly 12, 10, and 5 years old and the youngest was not yet born.  My oldest three can remember me weighing about 300 lbs and they all helped keep my nutrition in check during that time.  I remember going to a birthday party and standing looking at the cookie plate and my daughter saying “Daddy, you can’t have any of those”.  I just stuck out my lip and said I know.  Then she hugged me and told me how proud she was of me.  It was absolutely amazing.

When I first started working out, I didn’t tell them they had to do anything.  But, I would find them working out with me, especially on the programs that didn’t require any weights or bands, like plyometrics, yoga and kenpo.  They would even ask if they could workout on their own when I wasn’t there to workout with them.  My 17 year old has done 2 rounds of P90X now and a round of Body Beast.  My 15 year old is doing Body Beast Build Back and Biceps as I sit here and type this.  My 5 year old will come in the room and say “I want to play P90X”.  Then, I ask him which one.  He will tell me Plyometrics or Shoulders and Arms or Cardio X or Core Synergistics.  He is amazing and has been doing that since he was about 3 years old.  He thinks it’s fun so, when I say my kids workout, I really do mean, My Kids Workout!!

My Kids Workout – Building a Cultural Mindset

If you ask most people if their kids workout, they will tell you no.  Kids normally want to workout.  I asked a question a little while back in fact.  The question was what do most kids do every day that most adults never do?  The answer is, of course, run.  Kids naturally want to play and run.  They are all over playground equipment if it’s available and can go and go and go without stopping.  They naturally want to workout and play.  But, the amazing thing to me was watching them decide one day to pop in one of the Beachbody DVDs and workout intentionally instead of playing or just doing it with me.  I love that My Kids Workout.  It is a culture that we’ve built in to our family.  A lot of people are overweight and their kids are overweight because that’s what they’ve modeled.  It’s even worse if they are obese.  We have several friends who are truly obese and their kids are overweight also.  It’s from a simple culture of not working out and overeating all the time.  The kids don’t know any better.  They’ve just been doing what they were taught.  I remember growing up and seeing a commercial where a little boy was watching his father smoking after he had been imitating everything his Dad did.  The tagline was “Like Father Like Son”.

My Kids Workout – And They Will For Life

As I already said, we are building a culture of working out in our family.  It’s not unusual for the DVD player to go through several programs a day with me, Carson, Grant and Melanie all working out.  We have minimal equipment, but we do have an EZ Curl Bar, Selecttech adjustable Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, a Pullup Bar and a Stability Ball.  Some programs like Insanity require no equipment and some like Body Beast require a bit more.  It just depends on what you’re doing.  You’ve heard me say before that when you start on your fitness journey, you just need to do SOMETHING. It may be a brisk walk a few times a week but you need to get moving.  I love that Melanie is nearly 50 and I’m not far behind at 47 and we have no problem keeping up with any of our kids and their activities.  In fact, I take Jujitsu with my boys and I’m the oldest person in my class.  I love that I can keep up with them doing falls, rolls and throws and love it.  It’s just amazing.  So, the fact that my kids workout makes me smile because I know that is something they will pass on to their families as they get older and have kids of their own.

As a side note, we have a couple of programs developed especially for kids they are:

Tony and the Kids and Shaun Ts Fit Kids Club

Let me know if you want more information about all of the products we have, including Shakeology which is also good for kids.




  1. I guess probably the biggest reason is that I love my family and I love being with my kids. When Heidi and I, when our financial situation evolved to the point where we weren’t just worried about paying the utilities and putting food on the table and we began to have a little bit of discretionary income, we talked about how we wanted to use it. And we decided early that the two things that we wanted to spend any discretionary money that we had on were an education for our kids and creating great memories for our kids as a family. And so when we go on vacation, we take one nice vacation a year and a few shorter vacations throughout the year. Just a two or three-day, maybe like a long weekend, and when we do that we try to really pack it full of fun stuff. Maybe it’s a learning experience for the kids, maybe it’s just a fun experience, maybe it’s an adventure experience. Maybe it combines multiple facets of it. But we try to do something that is fun and will bring us all closer together.

  2. What about you? What’s your ideal exercise time and how often to do you manage to workout at that time? How do you rearrange your schedule to fit it in? Vote in this week’s poll and leave a comment telling us about your ideal workout time.

    • I started working out with P90X at 5:30 AM. I asked Tony Horton once, what was the best time to workout. He said, the main thing was to do it. Just get it done. Anytime is better than no time, so, just make it happen. Now, since I am no longer employed full time, but am a Full Time Beachbody Coach, I’m doing my best to do T25 in the mornings and Body Beast in the afternoon, so, again, the main thing is ….do it….whenever you can fit it in.

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