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I will NEVER be an Underwear Model!! | Jay Floyd Fitness

I will NEVER be an Underwear Model!!

I will NEVER be an Underwear Model!!

Not an Underwear Model!

Not an Underwear Model!

I know.  It’s sad.  But, I had to finally come to that realization.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Underwear Models are absolutely fantastic.   I graduated from a Military College.  In fact, it’s one of the best.  The Citadel is known all over the world for turning out leaders.  When I graduated in 1989, I was in the best shape of my life, up until then.  But then, I got into the real world and discovered “real food” again and I remembered I LIKED it!!  Well, it wasn’t REALLY food, it was processed crap and it was cheap, but it passed for nutrition.  So, I gained a few pounds in my Twenties.  Then, I met my wonderful wife and got married.  She is a FANTASTIC cook.  So, I gained a few more pounds.  Then, we had our first 2 children within 20 months of each other and I gained a few more pounds.  A couple of job changes and a job that had me at a desk about 70% of the time and more pounds came on.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It happened over a course of about 15 years.  The next thing I knew, I was weighing about 300 lbs at 6’3″, but, I felt ok.  I was comparing myself to other people who weren’t ever going to be Underwear Models either.  So, I was OK.  I was headed toward middle age, balding, and dare I say….FAT.  I didn’t know what to do.  I knew I didn’t want to join a gym.  That was out.  I knew it would be wasted money.  I knew I would go a few times and get frustrated and quit and I would be locked into that gym membership for a year.  I didn’t want to use sweaty equipment someone else just got off of.  So, I resigned myself to …that is the way life  goes.  You have a good youth.  Then you become a middle aged, overweight, balding dude.  Besides, I looked better, in my mind at least, than most of the Dads who were out there coaching recreation baseball with me and I had no major health issues, so, just “go with the flow”.

Why NOT be an Underwear Model?

I knew I could be better but who has time, money and energy for all that?  Then, one day I was sitting at home and saw an infomercial for P90X.  Get ripped in 90 days.  I knew from listening to the infomercial that it was real.  I mean, the pictures looked great and if I could get ripped in 90 days, at home…let’s go for it.  I was going to be an UNDERWEAR MODEL after all!!  So, I didn’t order it.  I was skeptical as most people are.  I researched it a bit online and asked people about it.  Then, the next week, it came on again.  I told my wife….THIS is what I was talking about.  She said, and I quote, “You won’t do it!!”  That was what I needed to hear.  I ordered it.  Then it came in.  I got started, I got sore, I got frustrated, and I was determined to look like an underwear model in 90 days.  But, it didn’t happen.  I found out you can get ripped in 90 days, but you have to be torn first.  I wasn’t even FOLDED.  So (big sigh here) I did another round of P90X and lo and behold, I started to see my Abs.  So, I ordered P90X+ and at 43, I was actually looking like I was ripped.

The mental mind shift of a Non Underwear Model.

Well, then after losing about 80 lbs and seeing my abs for the first time in over 15 years, I realized, there is not a shortage of people trying to be Underwear Models.  I was, after all, still middle aged and balding, but I was no longer fat.  I can tell you, all those years I was in denial.  I thought I was in good shape because I had no major health problems and I felt ok and could keep up with the kids, for the most part, when I was coaching baseball.  I had no idea how much damage that spare tire was doing to my internal organs.  I know it was very bad on my knees and hips.  The good news is the body has a great way of bouncing back if you start treating it right.   It will even reverse the damage you do to it in a lot of cases.  I know I’ll never be an Underwear Model but I do know this….I can be the best me I can be and I can keep up with my 5 year old now and I can do the things I always wanted to do.  You don’t have to be ripped to the bone and you don’t have to parade around in tight spandex.  What you do need to do though is SOMETHING!!  You can increase your lifespan, decrease your medications, and live a happier healthier life.  Life is meant to be lived, not just to survive until you die, so, like I said in another blog post, just do SOMETHING to get your health going again.  I can help you.  We have major programs for beginners to the ones that will make you want to puke they are so hard.  You can start slowly and you can ramp up to it until you reach YOUR goals but do something for your health and start today.  The cool thing is, they are FUN!!  So, stop procrastinating and come along with us and help us “End the Trend of Obesity” in this Country and around the world!!  By the way, I’m now in better shape at 47 than I was at 25.  By a long shot.


  1. So proud of you and Melanie! I have lost 90 lbs, gained it back plus….then I lost 140 lbs, gained almost half of it back :( I know how to lose it, I just do not seem to be able to keep it off! The reason….I have never truly made a lifestyle change. Maybe one day….want too…I need too…..
    Thanks for inspiring us!

    • It’s not easy Miss Scarlett!! If it were easy, EVERYBODY would be an underwear model, right? But, it’s hard and it is a lifestyle. That doesn’t mean we don’t mess up, all the time, it just means that we get right back up, don’t wallow in it, and we dust ourselves off and pretend like it didn’t happen and get back on it the next day. Sometimes we say, well, I’ll do it tomorrow and then, tomorrow becomes yesterday and it doesn’t get done. You can do it!!! Let us know if you need anything. In fact, we need to do lunch soon!!! I would love that!!!

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