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Nutrients in Food | Jay Floyd Fitness

Nutrients in Food

Nutrients in Food

Nutrients in Food

Nutrients in Food

I admit I am a novice on this issue.  I am not a nutritionist.  I know food is good and I need it to live.  I’ve already admitted I’m a “foodaholic”.  I’ve also admitted I’m a “bigger is better” kind of guy.  That is what got me in trouble a bit with Overtraining, right?  But there has to be more to nutrition than just grabbing something that is cheap and convenient.  I mean, have you ever CRAVED a salad like I have?  Most people, if they listen to their bodies, have.  Most will admit to craving chocolate or milk or a Grande Burrito that costs $1.95 from the fast food joint, but few will admit to ever craving a salad.  A few years ago, Melanie and I were cramped up in a convention center and we ate fast food crap all weekend.  We got out and were on the way home and I’ll never forget her looking at me and saying “I need something GREEN!!”  Our bodies were just naturally craving something that it recognized as food!!  I’ve been there a few times where I knew what my body wanted.  Most of the time though, we  just get hungry.  While I’m on that, sometimes the body mistakes thirst for hunger.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water every day.  The one thing I do believe though, and it isn’t that hard to convince most people, is that our foods aren’t nearly as “nutrient dense” as they used to be.  Farming techniques and other factors have contributed to our foods being less nutritious over time.  That includes not only processed foods we all know instinctively are bad for us but also fruits and vegetables we get from the store or Farmer’s Market.  And, I bet if you are like most Americans, you do not get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, so, that even compounds things further.

Low Nutrient Dense Foods make your Cravings Increase

Eating Low Nutrient Dense Foods do not give your body what it needs.  Here is a basic scenario.  You eat something you think it is good for you.  Your body needs these nutrients to survive (it is smarter than we think).  So, you think you should be full and not be hungry.  But then, a very short while later, you are hungry again and you think….”But I just ate!!”  How does that happen?  Well, in my simplistic mind, the conversation goes like this.  “I need food.”  So, you feed your body, and if you go to a restaurant, it’s likely 2 to 3 times more of a portion than should be served to you or you run through a fast food joint and have them shove a burger and fries at you through the window.  A little while later, your body says “That was good and I needed that ‘X’ Nutrient but it wasn’t enough in there.  I need food again to get it.”  So, you do the same thing and you eat 2 to 3 times more than you should again because your body is craving nutrients it is not getting in whatever it is you are feeding it so, while your body is craving, you are overeating trying to give it what it wants.  While I’m on that, the same thing happens with sugar.  You eat a bunch of sugar laden “simple carb” foods.  Your pancreas goes into panic mode with the sugar spike and it floods your blood with insulin to counteract it.  Then, you have excess insulin so your body craves sugar to counteract that and your blood is loaded with sugar again and the cycle repeats.  Eventually, the pancreas gets overworked and gives up and you have the onset of Type II Diabetes or worse.  That is why losing weight and changing eating habits can reverse the effects of diabetes SOMETIMES and definitely why childhood obesity is so prevalent these days.  Just look at a playground of children and compare it to 30 years ago.  What happened??

Getting the most out of the Nutrients in Food

Let’s face it.  It is just not possible to eat 100% organic and clean ALL of the time. It’s just not.  And for some people, it is just too expensive.  A trip through an organic grocery store or the Farmer’s Market, especially when what you are looking for is “out of season”, can blow your budget fast.  We all know that is what we need to do but it’s just not feasible.  Nearly ALL of Doctors recommend supplements and multivitamins to give your body what it lacks from our meals.  But again, a trip through your local vitamin store or pharmacy is mind blowing if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and then, is it going to digest and be used properly?  Who knows?  I heard a story once of a man taking vitamins for years and when they pumped his septic tank, they could still read the inscription on the pills…it was going straight through.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.    My solution now is really pretty simple.  For at least one meal a day, I take the guess work out of my nutrition.  I do that with shakeology.  For less than the price of going through a drive-thru, I can get all of my nutritional requirements for the day with no need for a multivitamin.   There are no man-made chemicals and it is all whole foods that have been put into one nutritional shake.  If you want to check it out, let me know.  Or, you can go to www.shakeology.com/jayfloyd and you can get the information there.  The main thing is, don’t let your stomach determine the quantity of how much you eat by not giving your body what it needs.  Eat for fuel, not fun.  The following video will give you more information on shakeology as well.

Nutrition, Simplified!!



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