Rev Abs Review

Rev Abs Review

Rev Abs Review

Rev Abs Review

When you are searching for a workout program, sometimes you are looking for that “soul mate” workout and sometimes you just want something to throw in for fun that you can do on days when you want to switch things up or as an additional workout that day.  Rev Abs is BOTH of those.  In this Rev Abs Review, I’ll do my best to explain to you the program as well as introduce you to your personal every day trainer.  Of course, I would be your Coach to help guide and encourage you through the process on your fitness journey.

As a part of my Rev Abs Review, you should know about the celebrity trainer for this Program.  His name is Brett Hoebel and He was born in Plainfield, New Jersey.  He was adopted and raised by his father, who was a professor, and his mother, who was a professional musician, in Princeton, New Jersey with two older sisters. From the age of 11 through age 15, he was as much as 50 lbs. overweight, describing himself as “the fat kid who didn’t know he was fat.” In his freshman year in high school, he weighed 170 lbs., but after playing football, wrestling and lacrosse that year and attending summer camps for those sports, he was 50 lbs. lighter as a sophomore.  That is the reason for his wanting to help others and to become a personal trainer to help people get up and get moving.   He spent much of his time in New York as a personal trainer before teaming up with Beachbody to develop Rev Abs.  After Rev Abs was introduced to the world, Brett was invited to be a Celebrity Trainer on The Biggest Loser.  He was there for Season 11 and brought it in the gym with the contestants and I definitely saw what he does on our program with the contestants on the show.  My Rev Abs Review will focus on the Beachbody Program, of course.

Reb Abs Review – What You Get

The Workouts –

  • 01 Abcentrics and How to Capoeira – Rev up your results by firing your abs with Abcentrics (approx. 8 min.), and learn capoeira moves with How to Capoeira for full-body fat burning. (approx. 15 min.)
  • 02 Fire Up Your Abs – Scorch calories with explosive cardio intervals and Brett’s Six-Pack moves, his signature ab circuit that works your core from 6 different angles for 6 times the results. (approx.
    40 min.)
  • 03 Power Intervals – Rev up your metabolism with high-intensity cardio that includes intervals of lower-body resistance moves. You’ll melt belly fat, sculpt lean legs, firm your glutes, and work your abs—all at the same time. (approx. 30 min.)
  • 04 Total Strength and Mercy Abs – Work all your muscles to build a lean, hard body with Total Strength (approx. 45 min.) and experience a mighty little ab workout with Mercy Abs. (approx. 15 min.)
  • 05 Rev It Up Cardio – Forget boring treadmills. This workout is spiced with capoeira and kickboxing moves to burn the fat off your abs and your entire body. (approx. 45 min.)
  • 06 Fat-Burning Abs – Feel the burn with new ab and cardio combinations that will have your heart pounding and your abs screaming. (approx. 40 min.)
  • 07 Power Intervals 2 – Kick up the intensity with lower-body resistance moves and even more extreme cardio for increased belly-fat burning. (approx. 30 min.)
  • 08 Strength & Endurance and Merciless Abs – Build definition in your abs and everywhere else for a rock-hard body with Strength & Endurance (approx. 30 min.) and get a fast and efficient ab-shredding routine with Merciless Abs. (approx. 15 min.)
  • 09 Full Throttle Abs – Go for all-out intensity in this fully charged ab workout that will blast the fat and make your midsection rock-solid. (approx. 40 min.)
  • 10 Full Throttle IntervalsShift into high gear with hard-core intervals that will rev up your results. Go longer and harder. (approx. 45 min.)

You will also get nutritional guides, a measuring tape, a workout calendar, the Rev Abs guide, Abs anywhere guide, and 24 hour support.  Did I mention I will also be your coach and motivator to keep you moving with our challenge groups?  So, as you can tell in this Rev Abs Review, you get a lot of stuff with your program.  The main thing you get though is a fun and motivating trainer at your bidding that you can plug in and workout to every day.  It’s amazing stuff!!

Rev Abs Review – My Results

For my Rev Abs Review, I have to admit, I have not done the complete 90 day program with Rev Abs.  I was always working out with other programs such as P90X, Insanity, Body Beast and others and would do a week or two of Rev Abs and go back to my other programs.  I typically did my workouts with Reb Abs in between programs or as a Doubles.   Rev Abs isn’t my personal “soul mate” workout.  Let me tell you though, it is FUN FUN FUN and I always love throwing the ab work in as doubles.  Brett doesn’t just work abs.  When you think Abs, you think “crunches and situps” typically.  Brett knows and emphases entire body workouts so there are upper body workouts along with legs and the workouts always incorporate core work.  The main focus for Reb Abs is not only to get you lean, sculpted muscles in your abdominal region, but all over your body.  As a result, you will improve everywhere, but you will DEFINITELY notice a difference in your lower back, legs, hip flexors and core strength.  As for my Rev Abs Review, I would say, get this progam and workout with it, whether you do the full 90 days, or if you just use it as a change or a double workout for your regular program.  You will definitely see a difference in your body and you will recommend it to others. No doubt about it.  So, order Rev Abs and change your life.  If you haven’t worked out in years, this is a GREAT place to start!!  Team this up with Shakeology and it’s incredible.  As usual, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.  What do you have to lose, except the weight??  I can also guarantee, if you do this, you will be sharing a Rev Abs Review with all of your friends.


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