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Shakeology Good For Children | Jay Floyd Fitness

Shakeology Good For Children

Shakeology Good For Children

Shakeology Good For Children

Shakeology Good For Children

We have had this question come up a lot lately for some reason.  It may be because we’ve started our Shake and Shed program where you can give Shakeology a test drive for 10 days for $50 to see how it works for you.  It’s funny that people ask this question because it really is great stuff.  But first, let’s talk about why Children would need to supplement their diets.

According to emedicine, as of December, 2012, approximately 21-24% of American children and adolescents are overweight, and another 16-18% is obese.  These rates have been steadily climbing although there have been indications that among certain ethnic groups in certain locations in the U.S., there has been a slight decline.  With the availability of relatively cheap, fast food coupled with our fast lifestyle this trend isn’t likely to reverse itself any time soon.  If people eat breakfast at all, it’s something processed or sugary.  Lunch in our schools isn’t the best in the world as documented by Jaime Oliver and reported by WebMD.  It used to be that overweight and obese children in schools were the anomaly and usually meant that the child didn’t have to work and their parents were relatively rich.  Now this was years and years ago.  As we’ve begun to get further and further away from farm living and working outdoors, the rates of obesity have gone up proportionally.  Kids don’t go outside to play anymore.  They sit inside and watch TV, do their homework and play on gaming consoles for most of the day.  The average child watches about 4 hours of TV a day, on school days.  Also, the nutrients in food aren’t what they used to be.  The body knows what it needs and wants.  If a child eats and doesn’t get the right proportion of nutrients, even though there may be plenty of food, it will send signals that it needs more until it gets the fuel it needs.  Parents have not taken responsibility for their children and in a lot of cases, children follow their parents example.  Their parents aren’t active and don’t workout so why should they?  It’s truly a matter of “like father like son” as we’ve heard so many times.  It’s time to break that cycle.

Shakeology Good For Children – In the Words of Isabelle Daikeler

Isabelle Daikeler is the wife of CEO Carl Daikeler.  She did a workshop a couple of years ago with Darin Olien, the other formula expert of Shakeology.  They both have so many letters after their names that I can’t begin to list them all.  You can google her and see videos and all that though.   Suffice it to say she’s an expert.  She told Carl she wanted to do a product for Beachbody called Shakeology but she wasn’t going to cut corners and it wouldn’t be cheap processed crap.  Carl told her and Darin to go for it and they did and what they have come up with is absolutely amazing.  So, Shakeology is the answer.  Cutting to the chase, someone in the audience asked this question.  “Is Shakeology Safe and Good for Children?”  I’ll never forget it.  Isabelle stood up and put her hands on her hips as if offended, she was being a bit dramatic although it was very lighthearted, and she said “Why is it that people ask that question, but they never ask if it’s ‘safe and good’ for their children to go through the local fast food drive-thru?”  We all had a good laugh but it illustrated her point perfectly.  Why do we not care about putting crap in our children’s bodies most of the time?  We buy them snack cakes and hot pockets and oreo cookies and chips and sodas but give them something healthy and all of a sudden, there is a push back from people.  It’s absolutely amazing when you think about it in those terms isn’t it?

Shakeology Good For Children – and Amazing for Adults!!

I’ve probably talked about Shakeology enough on here for awhile but I just needed to reiterate this because of all the questions we’ve had.  Obesity is a health crisis in our nation.  We are killing ourselves, literally, with something that is needed for our survival.  Obesity costs employers and health care institutions a TON of money every year.  Shakeology has a 30 day money back guarantee and the Chocolate, if mixed properly with ice and almond milk, tastes like a Dairy Queen Blizzard!  Can you imagine your child getting the best nutrition you could put in their bodies every day before they head off to school?  What about you getting the best nutrition in your body you can get before you head off to work?  You need to eat breakfast.  You might as well make it something good and with the 25% discount that is available, it is much cheaper than the typical fast food biscuit and coffee.  It’s certainly MUCH cheaper than a coffee from your local coffee joint.  My advice is just do it.  Shakeology is Good for Children, and AMAZING for adults.  We are doing Shake and Shed 10 day trials right now.  Contact me about getting yours and see how you and your children feel.  I’m betting you feel great and never want to go back to feeling sluggish and lacking energy again.  If you click on the picture above and decide to order it, let me know so I can add you to our list of people to stay in contact with and also, make sure you get on HD (Home Direct) so you get free shipping!!  Let me know if you have questions.  Just do it!!  Check out this video.  You’ll love it.


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