Shakeology Price Increase

Shakeology Price Increase

Shakeology Price Increase

Shakeology Price Increase

Before I tell you more, just let me tell you.  The rumors are true about the Shakeology Price Increase.  On April 1st, the price of the whey formulations of Shakeology (regular chocolate and greenberry) are going to increase from $119.95 to $129.95 retail ($89.96 to $97.46 coach price). This will bring them in line with the vegan formula prices.  If you are currently using the vegan formula of Shakeology, there will be no change.  But if you currently use the regular chocolate or greenberry, you can lock in at the current price and be Grandfathered in, FOR LIFE!!  Then, you won’t have to worry about the Shakeology Price Increase.

Why the Shakeology Price Increase?

Shakeology has been the same price for 4 years.  Beachbody has tried very hard to not have a Shakeology Price Increase.  They are on a mission to help end the trend of obesity in the Unites States, Canada and around the world.  But, unfortunately, inflation finally caught up.  Not only that, but when Vegan came out there were some upgrades to the formula using different superfoods and the special formulation to make it Vegan made it necessary to have a price bump over the current Shakeology formulas.  Now, there have been dramatic increases to the formulation of the regular Shakeology and this has brought the cost of production, when you factor in for inflation, to the point where a price increase was necessary for future customers.  Although Beachbody is on a mission, they still have to make money to stay in business.  This is not a non-profit company.  So, in order to keep from losing money on future Shakeology purchases, the choice was to either increase the regular formulas to bring them in line with the Vegan formulas or start charging shipping on Home Direct Orders.  I personally am glad they chose the Shakeology price increase because free shipping is definitely a selling point to new customers for them to get on Home Direct and stay there.

How does the Shakeology Price Increase Affect Me?

So, the Shakeology Price Increase of regular (non-vegan) Shakeology will be from $119.95 to $129.95 (89.96 to $97.46 for a coach/preferred customer, which will save you more money overall).   Now all of the flavors will be the same price.  What does this mean on a day to day serving?  The cost per serving will now go from about $4.00 to about $4.33.   To me, this isn’t a big increase.  That is only $2.33 a week.  How much money do you blow on stupid stuff every week?  In fact, the average American spends about $151 on food every week according to Gallup.  Now, I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but, if you are spending, roughly $20 on breakfast, that is still only 13.25% of your weekly food intake.  That is with the shakeology price increase.  It’s even less than that if you are getting it at the reduced price.  So, think about it.  Is it worth it to drink Shakeology?  YES!!  Not only are you putting the best stuff out there, that your body recognizes as FOOD and not chemicals or processed crap in your body, but you are getting your full serving of fruits and vegetables along with probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants and a lot of other stuff you can do research on.  If you want to read more about it, you can read it at my Shakeology website.  The bottom line is, you’re going to spend your money on something.  Lock this in now and you will not have to worry anymore about getting at least one good meal in a day without even thinking about it.  Contact me if you would like more information, but trust me and get on Shakeology HD now.  30 day money back (bottom of the bag) guarantee and you can postpone shipments if you need to.  If you want to get in shape and lose weight, put Shakeology into your regimen.

Shakeology Price Increase – FAQs from Beachbody

I heard the price of Shakeology is going up. Is that true?

– Yes. Effective April 1, 2013, the price of Chocolate (regular ONLY) and Greenberry will increase by $10—from $119.95 to $129.95.

When does the price increase go into effect?

– April 1, 2013

How does this affect cost per serving?

– Currently, the cost per serving (to a customer) is about $4.00. That will only increase by 33 cents to $4.33—which is still in line with daily cost of a Starbucks® latte, Naked® fruit drink, or other routine purchase. Only Shakeology is a WAY better value.

How much will I save by locking in the original price on HD?

– $22/month! ($10 per order + $12 on shipping and handling)

Will the increase affect bags, single-serve packets, and combo packs?

– Yes. All of the above.

Which Shakeology flavors will be affected?

– ONLY Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry. The price ($129.95) of our Vegan flavors will not change.

Will the price increase affect Challenge Packs?

– No. Challenge Pack prices will not change after April 1st, regardless of which Shakeology flavor your customer chooses. However, after the initial Challenge Pack purchase, the monthly price will be $129.95.

I’m already on HD for Chocolate or Greenberry. Will I be subject to the price increase?

– Good news! If you’re already on HD for either Chocolate or Greenberry (or alternating), you will NOT be affected by price increase. You’ll continue to pay $119.95/month for life—as long as you never cancel your HD subscription.

I bought Shakeology before, but I’m not currently on HD. Will I be able to lock in the original price after April 1st?

– No. Whether you purchased previously or not, if you’re not on HD before April 1, 2013, you will be subject to the new price. In fact, after April 1st, ALL new one-time purchases and HD subscriptions will cost $129.95.

Why is the price of Shakeology going up?

– We’re raising the price for three reasons: 1) to counteract the rising costs of fuel, shipping, and ingredients, 2) so we can continue to offer FREE shipping with HD orders, and 3) to preserve the integrity of our ingredients (rather than skimping or ordering from lower quality sources).

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