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Something New | Jay Floyd Fitness

Something New

Something New

Something New

Something New

I’d love to know what went through your mind when you read that.  For some people, it’s exciting.  For some people, it’s so scary they just broke out into a sweat.  But, remember, EVERYTHING you have EVER done, at ONE time you did it for the FIRST time.  Something New doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating to be exciting and refreshing.  It just has to be something new.

I won’t go into much detail but it is scriptural also.  The Bible says we are to become a new creation in Christ and should strive for the renewing of our minds.  God wants us to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.  We are designed to get up and do something creative.  It can be something as simple as buying mushroom soup instead of tomato soup or as complex as traveling to another country with no agenda and seeing what happens when you get into a new environment with new people.  The main thing is to just explore your boundaries and get out of the mundane and into the light.

I am currently reading a book by Dr. Ben Carson called “Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk“.  Our second son is named after him.  There are 4 basic questions he asks.  1) What is the best thing that can happen if I do it?   2) What is the worst thing that can happen if I do it?   3)  What is the best thing that can happen if I don’t do it?  4)  What is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t do it?  Trying something new should not be complicated.  Just evaluate the risk and if the risks are acceptable, do it.  DO SOMETHING.

I can go down a list of things I’ve done in the past few years that have scared me a bit.  From a new martial arts class, to going into the bush of Mali, West Africa, to having a friend plan and coordinate a trip to Nigeria and me totally trusting him to take care of me there, to starting to workout again, to starting a new Beachbody business, to coaching football, to leaving my Engineering career, to becoming a beekeeper and the list goes on.  Maybe you have done something new also.  Maybe those things weren’t monumental, but some people are stuck in a rut and living day to day.  I think that’s sad.

There are so many quotes by so many people that talk about comfort zones and doing something and just expanding your horizons to different places.  I’m also reading a book right now by Darren Hardy called “The Compound Effect“.  In that book he describes habits as something that takes root in your life that is hard to get rid of.  Some tasks NEED to be habits.  You don’t need to clog your brain every day with how to brush your teeth, or pour cereal in a bowl, or take a shower, or dress yourself.  Doing those on autopilot frees your mind to do other things that require more mental and brain power.  BUT, most people go through their entire life on autopilot without thinking about or doing something new.  He says that it’s different for different people, but up to 95% of the things we do are done out of habit.  Are they good habits or bad habits?  That’s for you to decide.

Doing something new doesn’t have to be scary, as I said, BUT, if you want to change some things in your life, you have to change some things in your life.  I had someone in Nigeria yesterday tell me I was a very friendly American.  I told her, people are people all over the world.  I’m not intimidated by Nigerians because I know they are people.  They have the same self doubts and self criticisms as anyone else.  BUT, when you smile and say hello, you find out that they are friendly and are waiting for you to make the first move sometimes.  So, try it.  Smile at someone and say hello.  See if they pass your first interview and who knows, you just may find you made a new friend for life.

So, try something new.  I invite you to contact me to try the Beachbody line of products.  Working out at home can be fun.  You just have to find your motivation…you why.  Then, we need to find your soul mate workout.  Couple that with shakeology and you may find you aren’t just doing something new for the sake of doing something new, you’ll likely find out that the change you experience is something that you have been looking for your entire life.  Changing your outward physical appearance and your health situation is something that will spill over into every area of your life.  But, you have to be willing to step out on faith, lay your fears to the side, get out of your comfort zone and do something new.  I refer you back to the 4 questions I posed above from Dr. Carson’s book…..what is stopping you from being the best you can be?

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