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Superbowl XLVII | Jay Floyd Fitness

Superbowl XLVII

Superbowl XLVII

Superbowl XLVII

Superbowl XLVII

How can I not talk about this today right?  I mean, it’s the biggest professional football game all year and arguably the biggest single sporting event of the year, watched by so many people I don’t think it’s possible to get anywhere near an accurate count.  Truly, I’m not a professional football fan.  I do play in a fantasy league with some friends from Church, for fun.  Flacco was my starting Quarterback at the beginning of the season until I benched him.  That is the extent of my involvement.  I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I do hope the Ravens win.  I’m like a lot of people I guess, I’m not going to win or lose a single dollar regardless of who wins.  I just want to see a good game and I hope the commercials are good.  I do like Ray Lewis though and it would be great to see him win in his last game and of course, nobody at the beginning of the season would have ever guessed a Quarterback would be starting in the Superbowl who didn’t start the first 8 games of this season.  They are both remarkable stories.  I love all of the stories surrounding the game and knowing for a lot of these guys, they will possibly never get this opportunity again, it is amazing.

When you think about it, most of these guys have been playing football since they were big enough to strap on shoulder pads.  There are a lot of programs where 5 year olds play now.  I didn’t have that opportunity.  I started playing in the 7th grade in middle school.  In the 7th grade, we were basically tackling dummies for the 9th graders.  It was a strange year.  8th grade was a bit better and in the 9th grade, we got to use the 7th graders as tackling dummies.  I remember thinking, we hit each other 2 days a week, practice in shorts, and we play on Thursdays.  In High School, they hit 3 days a week and play on Fridays.  In College, they hit 4 days a week and in the pros, they hit 5 days a week.  I remember 2-a-days (practices in the mornings and in the late afternoons) when I played in High School.  Those practices were brutal, not only because of the hitting, but because the temperature was so hot at 7 AM and still brutally hot at 6 PM in the late afternoons.  I remember walking up to the water hose and wishing I could just stick it all the way down into my stomach and turn it on to get rehydrated.  I’m sure there are days where I lost at least 10 lbs of sweat.  We were eating salt tablets like candy.  Those were the days of getting your bell rung and the calling it “cobwebs”, shaking it off, and going back in for another play.   I don’t even think they had invented the word “concussion” at that point.

I guess I said all that to say this.  Superbowl XLVII is underway.  I wanted to write this up before they started but I didn’t get to it until now.  It is AMAZING to me that out of all the kids who started playing football at such an early age, 5 to 12 years old, and played every year, through heat, 2-a-days, injuries, college schedules, countless hours in the weight room, conditioning drills, all of that, the best athletes in the sport rise to the top and some of them never get to play in this game.  The guys out there on the field are not even necessarily the best players at their particular positions.  There is a lot of parody in professional football.  The ones who make it to this level have incredible coaches (this year made history because brothers are coaching against each other).   What they had also is a great team that came together and they overcame each other’s weaknesses.  It’s true that 2 horses pulling together can pull a LOT more than 2 horses can alone.

Here is something to ponder:

After 2 games, the Ravens were 1-1.  They went on to lose 5 more games and had a total of 6 loses on the season.  They even lost the last game of the season going into the playoffs.  I don’t know if there was any doubt in the locker room but going into the playoffs with a loss against Cincinnati can’t be easy.  BUT, they went on a 3 game roll in the playoffs to get to the Superbowl.  They beat the Colts, the Broncos and the Patriots to get there, with the last two wins coming against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

The 49ers lost their third game of the season to be 2-1.  They went on to lose 4 more games and tie 1.  They did win the last game of the regular season but got smacked the week before by Seattle by a score of 42-13.  They did have good wins against the Packers and the Falcons in the playoffs.

The bottom line to all of this is, neither team was perfect this year.  Neither Quarterback was perfect.  The 49er Quarterback didn’t even start until the 9th game of the season.  It’s CRAZY when you think about it.  Yet, here they are, battling it out in the biggest game of the year.  Their goal at the beginning of the season was to be right here where they are now.

So, here is the takeaway.  Don’t worry about being perfect.  You won’t be.  Just get yourself a good coach (mentor).  Surround yourself with a good team (friends) that will lift you up.  Make sure the people around you have your best intentions at heart.  Make sure they are where you you want to be or are working with you to get there.  Contact me and let’s talk about what you want to do in life.  I can for sure help you with your fitness and nutrition goals.  I’m currently building a team of people to get it done.   Let’s be on the journey together!!

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