Tai Cheng Review

Tai Cheng Review

Tai Cheng Review

Tai Cheng Review

As soon as I saw Dr. Mark Cheng on stage at the Beachbody Coach Summit a couple of years ago, I knew Tai Cheng was for real.  After doing Tai Cheng I knew I would be doing a Tai Cheng Review.  I had to.  I have also told you I Love Martial Arts.  I had taken Taekwondo and had messed around with other forms until I found a great instructor and started taking Classical Jujitsu.  I loved all of that and I knew a little about Tai Chi but I didn’t know much.  I knew it was an art form that focused on slow movements but also could be explosive when actually used in a combative form.  So, I was intrigued to find out more about Tai Chi through the program Dr. Cheng created called Tai Cheng by Beachbody.  The focus of the program is balance, coordination, mobility, agility and vitality.   There are times of slow and controlled breathing followed by slow movements.  As Dr. Cheng says, you have to just let go and concentrate in the moment.  By learning to put the Tai Cheng movements together, you’ll experience increased balance and strength, improved joint function, a wider range of motion, less stiffness, greater flexibility, and an overall feeling of natural energy and well-being.  I have done Tai Chi with an instructor since doing Tai Cheng and it is for real.  Dr. Cheng shows the application of the movements so you can visualize an opponent.  I decided to do Tai Cheng while doing the Ultimate Reset and not being able to workout hard.  So, for my Tai Cheng Review, my suggestion is, do it.

Tai Cheng Review – Who is it for?

For my Tai Cheng Review, I have to tell you, Tai Cheng is for you!  As I said, I did Tai Cheng while doing the Ultimate Reset and not being able to workout hard.  But, Tai Cheng is PERFECT for everyone, including people who can’t do high impact cardio.  If a Doctor tells you that you should stay away from intense cardio and high impact for health reasons or if you have an injury or even if you are morbidly obese, but that you need to walk and work on balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, etc., Tai Cheng is for you.  For athletes who have been working out hard and need a little break to work on other aspects of their fitness, this is a perfect program.  I can tell you, from me working out personally, that my balance, coordination, flexibility, agility and many other things improved.  Dr. Cheng works on the abductors, adductors, rotators, flexors, and entensors.  The muscles that move you as well as the muscles that stabilize you get focused on.  If you know someone who is getting older, and needs to work on balance, PLEASE get them this program.  Tai Cheng will help them with balance.  Balance and flexibility is something that goes away as we get older simply because we don’t work on it.  How many times have you heard of older people falling and breaking a hip and never recovering?  That kind of fall can be prevented with a program like Tai Cheng being practiced.  It’s worth the effort to do this and as a part of my Tai Cheng Review, if you know someone who is getting older, get the Tai Cheng Challenge Pack for them.  I promise you won’t be sorry!!  Contact me for more details.

Tai Cheng Review – What you get

  • DVDs 1–3:  You’ll learn 6 Tai Chi moves, combining them into a fluid routine that builds strength, increases your
    overall range of motion, and reduces pain.
  • DVDs 4–6:  Dr. Cheng teaches you 6 new moves to increase your energy; burn calories; and build greater stability, strength, and balance.
  • DVDs 7–9:  You’ll be introduced to the final 6 moves that you’ll need to learn on your way to becoming a Tai Chi Master.
  • DVDs 10–12:  The last 3 discs will guide you through performing all 18 moves in a powerful, yet graceful
    health-boosting routine.
  • Master Scroll DVD:  Learn everything you need to master Tai Cheng. Dr. Cheng breaks down each of the 18 Tai Cheng moves, so you can watch exactly how each move is done and be ready to learn them from Day 1!

Tai Cheng Review – You’ll also get these valuable tools for optimal results:

  • “Easy Does It”  Fitness Guide:  Filled with practical tips on form, technique, and mind-body realignment, it shows you how to complete Tai Cheng to improve your health, energy, and mobility.
  • “Feel Better Food Plan” Nutrition Guide:  Use this guide to find delicious, easy-to-make meals and snacks that’ll help you feel younger, healthier, and more energetic.
  • 90-day Daily Workout Calendar:  We’ve done the work for you so you always know which sequence to do, and when. Just follow along and chart your progress.
  • Blue Foam Roller:  Work out everyday kinks and pains and loosen tight muscles as you develop better balance, posture, and flexibility.
  • Tai Cheng Tape Measure:  Track the changes in your entire body as you get healthier and stronger.

Tai Cheng Review – In addition, you’ll receive these 6 FREE BONUS gifts
(A $250 VALUE!):

  • Applied Tai Cheng: Travel and Sport (BONUS DVD): Learn how to use Tai Cheng to get more enjoyment out of your favorite sports. And, discover exercises you can do while traveling—even on a plane!
  • Low-Resistance Strength Band:
    Use it to build up your strength and balance.
  • Medium-Resistance Strength Band:
    Step up to the green band for more resistance.
  • “Just Eat This” Week-long Menu Plan:
    Receive a week’s worth of healthy meal recipes to help you make the right food choices.
  • Removeable Floor Tape:
    Create your Tai Cheng foot placement grid with low adhesive strips that leave no sticky marks to clean up afterward.
  • FREE Team Beachbody® 30-day VIP Club Membership:
    Stay motivated with positive peer support, chat with trainers, receive expert diet and fitness tips, and get 10% off Beachbody® gear, programs, and nutritionals.


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