The Wussification of America

The Wussification of America

Baseball Trophy

Baseball Trophy

This topic is a bit scary for me.  I don’t know how much detail I will go into here, mainly because I know people don’t read long blogs.  But, the Wussification of America is real and it is progressing.  I don’t know when it started, or how it started, but there is absolutely no doubt that things are different from when I was growing up.  My parents said it was different for them than it was in my generation so this isn’t a new phenomenon and my thoughts and my little blog here are not likely to make it go away.  But, here are the words of someone that some others would consider a man out of touch with our new society.  Having graduated from The Citadel, where everything was a competition, maybe that’s true.

I remember growing up when you had to win to get a trophy.  I was shocked when I started coaching baseball and found out that all of the kids got a trophy.  Of course, the winners of the league got a trophy that was a wee bit bigger but they all got a trophy.  In fact, half way through the season, sometimes at the beginning, they would ask, when do we get our trophy?  It was like they didn’t care at all about the game or being the best they could be.  All they wanted was that blasted trophy they didn’t have to earn.

Now, I’m all for trophies.  Don’t get me wrong on that.  The prize is what drives us to compete.  Being exceptional is something that should drive all of us to compete.  Many, many immigrants have come here to this country not for handouts, but to be able to be free to compete in our free enterprise system.  They came here to build their dreams.  But, here in this Country now, with all of the things going on in our schools, we are teaching children that all they have to do to earn their meal ticket is simply exist.  Somehow, we’ve taught them that if they are simply breathing, they are “owed” something by the rest of us and that is not what the Founding Fathers intended, from what I read.  The documents they wrote do state that we are all created equal.  I do not doubt that at all.  And, I do believe it.  However, we also have the ability to use our brains and with a little work ethic, we are free to become as unequal as we wish.  At least, that used to be the situation here.

The Wussification of America – Why are we made to feel guilty?

So, what are some examples of The Wussification of America?  I started thinking about it again yesterday when I heard about a High School Football Team in Texas.  They beat another team 91 to 0 and a parent from the other team filed a bullying charge against them.  The winning team’s coach subbed in their players, had a continuous clock in the second half, told his team to fair catch the ball on punts, etc.  But, how do you tell your players to not score if they have the ball.  The way I was taught, it is the offensive team’s purpose to score and the defensive team’s purpose to stop them.  Now, I’m telling you, it’s no fun getting beat like that.  I coach football right now also and in our game this past Saturday, the score at halftime was 38 to 0.  We weren’t upset or mad at the other team.  In fact, we used it as a learning experience for our boys.  We told them that in life, sometimes you’re going to have your fanny handed to you by a better team.  BUT, that doesn’t mean we have to give up.  We told them to continue to fight and make the best out of the bad situation.  The team responded also.  I told them to stop them from scoring at least ONCE in the second half and to get out there and hit somebody and never give up!!  In the second half, we held them to one touchdown and we also scored a touchdown at the buzzer.  We changed our gameplan and found a few better matchups.  They subbed in some players, etc.  The final score was 46 to 6.  It was a nasty butt cutting.  We were overmatched and they were well coached.    We all learned a lesson from that game.  But none of us thought to file a bullying charge against the other team.  There have been worse scores in football and you can google them if you wish.  Here is the story on that Texas game to see if you choose to read it and watch the video.  Football Bullying Charge


The Wussification of America – Lessons for my Children

I have always played with my children and as they have gotten older, I started playing harder.  I never let them beat me intentionally but I sometimes let them get close.  My purpose wasn’t to embarrass them in anything but to make them play hard and try to beat me.  I’m still the same way.  If I am not allowed to win, I see no purpose in playing.  If you beat me, you beat me.  I am better at some things than at other things.  We all are.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try to beat you if we are playing a game.  When my children beat me at something, they know they’ve beaten me and not that I’ve let them win so they feel better about themselves.  I really think I’m preparing them for life also.

Now, in our society, we are so politically correct in everything we say and do and indeed, even the things we are taught to think.  We have taught people that they don’t have to work for what they get.  Over half of America is now on some form of Government Subsidy.  Again, the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers saw what happens when Government is in too much control.  We have also seen that in other Countries and can study history.  There is no doubt to where we will end up as a Country if we continue down this road.  We have lost the ability to live our lives with rugged individualism and have allowed others to tell us how to live and what to do so that we don’t “hurt other people’s feelings”.

The Wussification of America will continue unless we as individuals stand up to it and decide to fight it.  That will undoubtedly make you unpopular and people will get mad at you and call you conceited and bigoted and they will tell you that you think you are better than everyone else.  The truth is, no one ever helped anyone get better by being worse.  Said another way, as I heard someone say once, broke people can’t help broke people.  A football team gets better by playing teams that are better than they are.  Competing is what makes us great.  If we lose our competitive spirit, we are doomed to failure.  More to come on this subject later, maybe, on “The Competitive Edge”.

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