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Two Workouts A Day | Jay Floyd Fitness

Two Workouts A Day

Two Workouts A Day

Two Workouts A Day

Two Workouts A Day

I have gotten a little flak from people who have read some of my blog posts, but remember,  I am not writing this for fitness professionals or people who have been working out for years.  My blog posts are being written first of all as an encouragement to ME.  I also want to encourage others who haven’t worked out in years, if ever, to let them know about my journey and some of our products so that they can have some of the same results I’ve had.  So, when I talk about doing Two Workouts A Day, you have to keep that in mind.  If you’ve been working out for years, you’ve already figured out what your body can tolerate and you’ve learned to listen to it.  That is the hardest thing to do actually, for the novice, who hasn’t worked out in years if ever, is to learn to listen to your body.  What happens typically either goes one of two ways for the new person working out.  The new person will either start working out and get very sore and then either quit permanently or at least for awhile until the soreness goes away, which is a mistake.  OR, they go the opposite direction and start getting results and then they want them faster so they cut their calories even more and start working out two and sometimes three times a day.  That is when fatigue sets in and results slow down or at worst, injuries can happen.  My recommendation of course when considering Two Workouts A Day is to always listen to your body but to not do Two Workouts A Day if you are just starting on your fitness journey.

Two Workouts A Day – Don’t Risk Injury

It ain’t worth it to risk injury doing Two Workouts A Day.  In fact, I would not suggest it if you just started working out.  When I started P90X, I started getting results and my Beachbody Coach gave me some great advice.  Get through the first 90 days and then reevaluate where you are, how you feel, what your goals are and then consider it.  In fact, P90X has a doubles schedule built in, but it doesn’t even start until after the first month.  So, you do 3 weeks of the Phase I workout, have a Recovery Week, and then, doubles starts with a mix of Cardio, Kenpo, Plyometrics and Core Synergistics.  Even then, it’s only 3 days a week.  It’s a smart way to do it because you have a hard workout in the the morning and a relatively lighter workout in the evenings.

Another factor in whether you should do Two Workouts a Day how hard your first workout is.  If you are doing heavy lifting or extreme cardio with jumping, you may want to consider not doing a second workout, or if you do, make it something like like light jogging or Stretching/Yoga.  That way, you aren’t ripping your muscles up without giving them a chance to recover.  Also, you NEVER want to work major muscle groups to fatigue on consecutive days, much less on the same day.  If you do that, you can expect to pull up lame and you only have yourself to blame.  You’ve been warned.

The main thing in doing Two Workouts A Day is, don’t try to be a hero and do 3 weeks of workouts in a week.  Your body won’t respond and you’ll get injured or sick because your body will start to shut down.  Sleep and Rest is just as important to fitness as busting your tail working out.

Two Workouts A Day – Go For It!!

Having said all that about being careful with doing Two Workouts A Day, if you’ve been working out for some time and are relatively comfortable with your workouts and you’re listening to your body and you have the time, Go For It!!  You can get some major calorie burns doing Two Workouts A Day if you are careful and your body will respond as long as you aren’t working major muscle groups twice a day or on consecutive days, you’re eating right, getting plenty of rest and being SMART.  The main thing is to listen to your body.  I’ve talked some about overtraining.  Although some people say you can’t overtrain, I’m a firm believer that you can.  One of the main things to look for is fatigue and loss of energy during the day.  That is your body telling you to back off.  The other thing is if your resting heartrate first thing in the morning is elevated consistently you may want to back off.  Of course if you feel muscle, tendon, ligament strain you don’t want to push through any of that.  I had that in my shoulder and thought I’d just work through it.  It took me nearly 2 years to get over that minor injury but I did it without surgery, Thank God.  Again, you can do Two Workouts A Day, you just need to be careful doing it, listen to your body, eat right (for me that includes Shakeology) and get plenty of rest.  If you are doing Two Workouts A Day, you may need more sleep than usual as well as more water, so, plan on it and Go For It!!  The last thing is, don’t do it every day for the rest of your life.  Mix it up and do it short term.  Even when Football players do Two A Days, it’s for a short period of time and then they go back to their normal routine and above all, remember to HAVE FUN!!


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