Two Workouts – Super Saturday – 1/14

Two Workouts – Super Saturday

We just had one of our best Super Saturday‘s yet.  We met up at our church at our normal meeting location.  We then had a meet and greet as Melanie had some Shakeology tastings and Recovery Drink tastings for people as they came in.  Then, we got started with some success stories from people who had lost some weight as well as people who had achieved new levels of leadership by becoming brand new Beachbody Diamonds.  It was an amazing time for me and others as we shared our stories of how we found Beachbody and how we had reached the levels we have.

We then watched a video from Beachbody Corporate about upcoming programs and incentive trips as well as motivation to keep moving forward to reach more people with our mission to end the trend of obesity.  I shudder to think where I would be were it not for Beachbody and finding P90X and then becoming a Coach to help others.  Then, to be able to turn this into a business is just absolutely AMAZING.  I love it.



After a quick question and answer session, we moved the chairs to the side and had a workout.  I had planned to do just one workout from P90X3.  The workout I had planned was Isometrix.  Most people who were there did the workout with us.  It was absolutely amazing.  It was basically the static moves from Yoga without the flow of the vinyasas.  The workout was 30 minutes long and all of us were sweating like crazy in less than 10 minutes.  I would challenge anyone to do that workout and say it is easy.  Everything is done in a very small place but the moves will make you know you worked out in a hurry.

When that workout ended, a few people had to leave, but we decided we would do another workout from P90X3.  On the same disk with Isometrix is a workout called Dynamix.  It is still very doable and very modifiable but instead of just getting into poses and holding them, you actually move.  There is stretching and moving along with some ab work in the routine that I absolutely love.  I loved doing two workouts at one Super Saturday.  Too much fun.

Neopolitan Shakeology Packets

Neopolitan Shakeology Packets

The other thing I’m excited about is Strawberry Shakeology coming in.  It will be available Monday the 13th of January.  They will also have packets of Shakeology that include Vanilla, Chocolate and Stawberry.  It’s like Neopolitan Ice Cream but healthy.  I can’t wait to order mine.  There is nothing like being able to mix and match chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and if you want, you can come up with your own recipes.  I can imagine a banana split shakeology, can’t you?

Anyway, we will be having another Super Saturday in April of this year.  I want you to be there.  Just come out, get some good information and hang out with other people who have a mission to go and change the lives of people all over the world.  I’m absolutely loving what we are doing with Beachbody and the fact that I get to be a part of it just blows my mind.

Are you up to the Challenge?  Do you want to change your life?  Come hang out with us.  Help others while you help yourself!!  Contact me for more information!!

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