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When to Workout | Jay Floyd Fitness

When to Workout

When to Workout

When to Workout

When to Workout

When I’ve started to talk to people about helping them get things in order and figuring out how to help them get in shape, many, many times I hear people ask the question “When should I workout?”  My answer to when to workout is “now”.  I even had someone a couple of years ago ask me to ask Tony Horton when I went to Coach Summit what he thought about it.  So, When is the best time to workout?  Now.

When I was in College, we would sometimes get up in the mornings and go for a run.  Most often, as I’ve said before, we would go for a run at night.  We never had the time to go workout in the gym or in the weight room except in the afternoons.  So, we basically had to fit it in whenever we had a chance.  This is intended for those who just want to workout, lose weight and get in shape.  If you are looking to be a body builder, or if you are an Olympic athlete, you can stop reading this now.  You are going to need SPECIALIZED treatment from someone who is a professional.  If you are like me, though, and you are just looking to get in shape and be the best you can be, then, keep reading.  This is coming from someone who will never be an underwear model, but someone who used to weigh nearly 300 lbs and is just trying to be the best he can be while battling no willpower.  So, maybe I can help you figure out when to workout!

When to Workout – Why I workout in the Mornings

So…When to Workout.  Mornings are mine.  I tell people, I’m not doing anything in the mornings but sleeping.  One thing is for sure though.  With 4 kids, and an active lifestyle and family, I never know what is going to happen in the afternoons or evenings.  If I put off working out until afternoons or late evenings, I never know what is going to happen.  Another thing is, I personally sweat a LOT when I workout.  In fact, I can think about working out and break out into a flop sweat.  My adrenaline levels increase big time and my body temperature get elevated and it takes me quite awhile to calm down and relax after I workout.  So, those are the reasons I workout in the morning.  If you go read the muscle and fitness blogs, you may find them saying things about the optimum time of endorphin and testosterone elevations and liver enzymes and your biorhythms and all that crap.  They will tell you ways to know when to workout.  They think they have it down.  The bottom line, for the average person who isn’t training for a major athletic event is right now is the best time to workout.  If you have 15 minutes, just go workout.  For me, I have to get up in the mornings and workout before anyone else is up.  When I first got started, knowing I had to workout for at least an hour to an hour and a half, that meant I had to get up at 5:15 and start working out by 5:30 AM.  If I waited until later, it was a crap shoot and I also know me.  I knew that I would make an excuse to not workout and any excuse was good enough.  BUT, as I have told many of my friends, the only thing I’m doing at 5:30 AM is sleeping so, I might as well get a workout in.  I’ve even started as early as 4 AM on some mornings when I had to leave the house at 5:30.  It’s just a matter of getting it done.

When to Workout – Just get it DONE!!

Assuming you have come to the conclusion that you need to workout and you’ve committed to doing it, the main thing to do is do it.  I never finished my story about what Tony Horton told me about when to workout.  He told me to tell my friend, whenever they can get it in is the perfect time to workout.  He has a very demanding schedule and sometimes he doesn’t feel like working out in the mornings, but he schedules it in the afternoon and he doesn’t have a family and children to worry about that will get in the way with martial arts classes, baseball games or other school or church type activities.  So, if you have the flexibility to schedule it in the afternoons and you won’t let anything interfere and that’s your best time to workout, then that is the best time for you.  For me, the best time is the mornings for a lot of different reasons.  But, just to be blunt, the best time to workout is NOW.  So, don’t wait to get started.  When to workout is NOW and when to start your fitness journey is NOW.  The other thing is, we have programs like Ten Minute Trainer that you can literally get in a 10 minute workout in your living room and this summer we are coming out with T25 and it will be an intense Insanity type workout in just 25 minutes.  So, no more excuses!!

I’ll say it one more time, No More Excuses.  Just get it done.  Contact me and let’s talk about getting you moving on your journey.

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