Why I Workout

Why I  Workout

Body Beast

Body Beast

I’ve already told you I’ll Never be an Underwear Model, right?  So, if I’m not doing it to look great, why do I workout?  Well, the truth is, I wouldn’t mind looking great and I love it when I take off my shirt and I get a double take.  We all like attention, especially when we  know we’ve worked hard and we deserve it, right?  But, that is not the main reason I workout.  The main reason I workout is to feel good.  Let me tell you, working out is HARD.  I do NOT like to do it.  But, for a little aggravation and pain now, I get to feel good all day long.  It’s not just a physical change, but it truly is an emotional, psychological and spiritual change.  When I was weighing nearly 300 lbs, I felt horrible.  I was the fat, fun guy and I hid it well, but I was truly miserable.  The only time I was happy with the way I felt was when I was eating, so, I fed into that and I absolutely did overeat.  I did it all the time.  And, it became a crutch.  Once I found working out can give me some of those same feelings, it was incredible, but it didn’t start out as fun.  In fact, I was sore for nearly two weeks when I first started.  I wanted to quit.  What kept me going?  I had finally reached the point where the pain to change was less than the pain to stay the same.  Seriously.  Check out this video.  I talk about my experience with P90X.

What Benefits do you get from Working Out?

I have heard many people talking about the benefits of working out.  I’ve read up on it.  I’ve also experienced it.  Here is the truth.  A lot of people think they need to workout so they can get benefits way down the road, one day, from working out.  The truth is, you can have benefits from working out, if you haven’t worked out in 15 years and you can have those benefits today.  You get an immediate flood of hormones and enzymes into your body.  I’m not going to go into all the science here, but when you break through that blood brain barrier, you get the basic same flood of endorphins you get after sex or eating a big thick chocolate bar.  So, you have that going for you.  You also reverse some of the effects of aging.  I heard it said once that for every 1 hour of vigorous exercise, you add 2 hours to your life.  I can’t prove that.  However, what I DO know is by working out, you can definitely have a better life because you will be able to keep up with the kids, and you will be able to do things people your age can’t do.  I absolutely LOVE the fact that I’m 47 years old and I can get out on the floor with 15 to 18 year olds in Jujitsu and hang with them doing falls and rolls.  It’s functionality in life that you get.  Over time, as you continue to workout, your clothes will fit better and you won’t be tugging at them every time you stand up (you know what I mean).  By working out you can also decrease blood pressure, insulin dependence, cholesterol medications, etc.  In other words, it will save you money in the long run.  Those are all medical facts that are also easy to research.  The Mayo Clinic has done plenty of research on it.  I met a lady a couple of days ago that had lost nearly 250 lbs and she did it by working out.  No stomach staples, no lipsuction…just working out and eating right.  She says she has 30 lbs to go but she looks great.  One thing she told me is “I would have been dead by now if I didn’t do something”.  It took her four years, but she got there.  You can too, and I can help you.

How do You start Working Out?

Where do you begin?  You start by….starting.  It may be by walking around the block a couple of times a day.  For me, it was seeing an infomercial on TV….and not ordering it.  I was very skeptical.  I had ordered things in the past and I had tried other workout at home programs (think of the 80s) that were either not fun or didn’t give the results they promised.  There were too many gimmicks.  But, having attended a Military School, I knew there was no substitute for hard work.  When I heard Tony Horton talk about P90X and Muscle Confusion and doing what others are not willing to do, it all made sense to me.  I ordered it about a week later.  If you want what others don’t have, you have to be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do.  It really is that simple.  I didn’t know how to eat right, but over time I started to figure that out.  Shakeology  has helped tremendously with that, giving me everything I need for the day in one single glass….and it tastes great.  But what I had to do first was just get up every day, put in that DVD and do my best.  As Tony Horton says, do your best and forget the rest and Rome wasn’t built in a day.  So, it’s one day at a time.  You have to do this, if not for you, for your family.  Contact me and let’s get you started on your journey.

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