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Workouts for Bad Knees | Jay Floyd Fitness

Workouts For Bad Knees

Workouts For Bad Knees

Workouts for Bad Knees

Workouts for Bad Knees

A lot of people have bad knees.  There is an old saying that goes “be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.” Oh how true that is. Workouts for Bad Knees can be hard to find when you decide to start working out again.  But, you can use that as a reason to get in shape or an excuse to sit around getting fatter.  I haven’t been horrible to my knees but I haven’t been kind to them either.  I played football in High School and played Volleyball in College.  I also spent a good bit of time in my late teens and early 20’s being stupid on snow skis.  We would go up to the mountains on the weekends and ski all night Friday night, all day Saturday, into the morning Sunday morning and then Sunday until early afternoon, drive home and go to work.  And when I say we skied, we went from the time they opened until they closed with very few breaks and we were jumping bumps and going wide open all day.  I could literally feel my knees at the end of the weekend.  Volleyball wasn’t good on my knees either.  I actually ended up going to the infirmary once because my knees were swollen and hurting after a Volleyball tournament.  They diagnosed it as “jumpers knee” and the inflammation caused me to not be able to bend down well and of course the jumping hurt.  I found out in Volleyball, knee injuries are more prevalent than in basketball because of all of the jumping.  You jump just about every play, especially when you are in the front court up by the net to either hit or block.  So, as I went through life, my knees didn’t get much better.  I didn’t know what to do to get in shape because I’ve told you, I didn’t want to go to the gym, and I tried to run, but I didn’t like it and frankly, I knew it wouldn’t feel good to my knees to train hard by running.  So, I had to find Workouts for Bad Knees.

Workouts for Bad Knees – P90X, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, etc.

OK, disclaimer time.  If you have something REALLY bad wrong with your knees, you need to see a Doctor.  I am not a physician but I do have bad knees.  I have never been to a Doctor but I have a lot of creaking and scraping and sometimes even a bit of sharp pain in my knees.  I know it’s from the way I treated them when I was younger and I don’t want to go to a Doctor so, I just work through it.  So, I had to find Workouts for Bad Knees.  Believe it or not, P90X is not a bad program if you are looking for Workouts for Bad Knees.  Everything is modifiable and again a disclaimer here.  You have to be SMART.  When I say bad knees, I’m not talking about ripped or torn cartilage if you are doing P90X and try to do all of the routines.  But, there are some of the routines like Chest and Back, Back and Biceps, Shoulders and Arms, Chest Shoulders and Triceps, X Stretch and even Yoga that you should be able to work through with no problem.  Routines like Plyometrics and Legs and Back may be a different issue but again, if you modify them you should be able to get through them with no problem until you can figure out if you can make it work.  Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs are other programs that you should be able to get through with minimal modifications.  I wouldn’t recommend jumping on Slim in 6 though because it is loaded with lunges and squats.  They don’t call Debbie the Squat Nazi for no reason.  But again, even if you are doing Slim in 6 and you can only do a half squat, that is still better than doing nothing and sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself.

Workouts for Bad Knees – Tai Cheng

I truly think if you are looking for Workouts for Bad Knees, you have to check out Tai Cheng.  I did a Tai Cheng Review not long ago you can check out.  Sometimes, knee problems can be made worse by bad posture or by favoring them too much.  Tai Cheng works on balance, mobility, coordination, agility and all of that.  It is non-impact and very much non stressful on the knees.  After doing a round of Tai Cheng, you should feel everything in your lower body improve and get better.  I did Tai Cheng while doing The Ultimate Reset.  That is a 21 day eating program where you cleanse and rejuvenate the body from the inside out.  Tai Cheng is so easy on the body that they actually recommend doing it while doing The Ultimate Reset.  There is no doubt that if you can stand up, you can do Tai Cheng and you may actually find that your range of motion and agility increase while the pain in your knees decrease.  If you couple this program with The Ultimate Reset and Shakeology, you have a winning formula for Workouts for Bad Knees!!  Don’t let Bad Knees keep you on the sideline.  If you don’t do something to strengthen them, they will only get worse with time, not better.  Personally, I don’t want to have a knee replacement when  I get older, so, I protect my knees now and I work on the muscles surrounding them to keep stability and range of motion and I do it intentionally.  Come on and join us and let’s stay young and feel young.  Age doesn’t mean you have to get old.  Fight it!!!


  1. Hey Jay, GREAT post! You may consider checking out http://www.mykneehurts.co/ – Jessica Marie Rose Leggio was the functional movement specialist that worked with us in the Asylum Test Group. She knows her stuff! It’s worth looking into. She’s helped me a lot and, especially, my roommate with his knee problems.

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