Workouts for Bad Shoulders

Workouts for Bad Shoulders

Workouts for Bad Shoulders

Workouts for Bad Shoulders

Well, you know I have Bad Knees.  Now you find out I have Bad Shoulders also.  Disclaimer here up front.  I am not a medical doctor or a physical therapist or anyone who has any letters after my name connected with the body and working out.  I am simply a guy who decided to get in shape and lose weight after not working out for 15 years.  I have talked a bit about overtraining and I know what it’s like to get injured while working out and pushing through it.  So, Workouts for Bad Shoulders is possible, but you have to be careful and it depends on what type of injury you have.

Workouts for Bad Shoulders – My Injury

You’ve heard my story about how I found P90X and what I was doing.  I started doing P90X+ and started doing more than workout a day.  I also got involved with a group of crazy (dare I say much younger) guys and they challenged me to do 3,000 pushups in a month.  After thinking about it, I upped it to 5,000.  After all, 3,000 is only 100 a day, right?  So, we did that.  All of that came together in my shoulder joint to give me a form of tendonitis.  I actually self diagnosed it as Impingement coupled with Tendonitis.  I kind of figured out it wasn’t anything major with my rotator cuff or anything that may require surgery, but it sure did hurt.  In fact, about 4 years ago, it hurt so bad that I couldn’t reach across my body with my right hand to put on my seat belt.  I had to grab the seat belt with my left hand and pull it across to my waist to then click it with my right hand.  I did my best to manage but I found I couldn’t lay down on my back and put my hands under my head because of the pressure it put on the back of my shoulder down through my shoulder blade.  Sometimes it would be shooting pain, sometimes it would just be a dull ache.

Workouts for Bad Shoulders – My Solution

I knew I had to keep working out.  Having an injury was no excuse for me to put the weight back on.  During this time I lost about 80 lbs doing P90X and P90X+ along with some cardio and I was determined not to put it back on.  I hate taking any kind of pain medication and avoided it to the best of my ability.  The funny thing was, pushups hurt the worst of any other exercises.  After talking to several people in the medical profession, I had to make a decision that I couldn’t do any pushing exercises like pushups or shoulder presses, especially overhead stuff.  This was a problem because of the exercises involved with P90X and P90X+.  But, I did my best and tried to not injure myself anymore.  I just had to be extremely careful.  In the meantime, Insanity came out and I started doing that.  I also was able to do some Rev Abs workouts when it came out and there was always Turbo Jam and Slim in 6 for those days when my shoulder felt really angry.  We now have Tai Cheng also as well as Debbie Seiber’s Total Body Solution to help with limberness and stretching.  I just determined that I would never be able to do another full round of P90X but to listen to my body and do what I could because surgery was simply out of the question for me.

Workouts for Bad Shoulders – My Healing

I stretched as much as I could, but, because of the (self diagnosed) impingement, stretching hurt.  So, I could never get my shoulder to go through the full range of motion I needed it to.  I’ve told you I Love Martial Arts and I take Jujitsu.  I went to a conference one weekend and there was a gentleman leading the training that had trained under some magnificent Japanese Martial Artists.  He put someone in an Arm Bar, and then said, this is good for frozen shoulders, bursitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, etc.  It will break your shoulder if you continue but this gets the blood flowing.  Long story short, after lunch that day, I asked him and he put me on the floor and did some shoulder manipulation.  When he was done, I told him it was numb and he told me it was fixed.  I didn’t believe him.  After that day I had 95% of my range of motion back with no pain and continuing what he had done helped me get back, literally, 100% of my range of motion with no pain.  I am now pain free.  So, I’m here as living proof that stretching works.  What happens is as people age, they lose range of motion and balance because they don’t work on it.  They don’t stay active.  They don’t continue to work on the joints and as a result, they age and get stiff.  When you think of an old person, balance, mobility, agility and flexibility doesn’t come to mind.  That is because it has to be worked on intentionally and what you don’t use, you lose.  I intend to fight it 100% of the way.  I’m now doing Body Beast and doing heavy weight lifting again, with no pain and it’s INCREDIBLE!!

Again, to reiterate, I’m not a medical doctor, nutritionist, physical therapist or any other kind of health professional.  I’m simply a Beachbody Coach who has been through this and worked my way through it and finally found the solution, which is simply, stretching and joint manipulation….in the RIGHT way.  If you want to know more about my journey with my shoulder, Contact Me and I’ll tell you more about it, but you have to be careful or you risk injury and if you have a problem that is chronic or is sudden and you’re in a lot of pain, by all means see a Doctor to have it diagnosed properly.  You may have an injury that requires surgery.  This worked for me and may not work for you but it was incredible to be healed without going to a Doctor and just doing what my body naturally wanted to do.  Keep Pushing Play and just remember…if I can do it, you can do it too!!


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