You are Worth It

You are Worth It!

You are Worth It

You are Worth It

You are absolutely worth it.  Here is a startling fact though.  According to Chemical Worth, if you took all of the elements out of your body and sold them, including your tanned hide for leather, you are worth about $5 on the open market.  Pretty sad, right?  That means, this laptop I’m typing on right now is worth about 100 times what my body is worth.  And, the Suburban I drive I paid 8,000 times more for than my body is worth.   And, don’t even get me started on my house.  REALLY?  How about this though.  Would you sell me both of your eyeballs for 1 Million Dollars?  The answer is probably no.  So, what gives?  Who determines worth?  If you answered no to the question about your eyeballs, then you are worth at LEAST a million dollars so you are already a millionaire.  Would you sell your arms and legs….or your liver…or your heart?  Obviously no.  So, what are you worth?  You were created in God’s image.  He thinks you’re priceless.  So, are you worth it?  You bet you’re worth it!  A lot of people discount their worth.  They get beat up by life and they believe what other people say or think about them.  Even worse, they think they think they know what other people think about them so instead of living life loving and trusting other people, they live up to what they think other people think (you may need to read that again).  I heard someone say once, “stop worrying about what other people think about you.  If you knew that they didn’t even think about you as much as you think they do, that would probably bother you more.”  So, stop it!!  What you think about yourself matters and what God thinks about you matters.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to others and take advice from them, but be careful who you take advice from.  Make sure they have your best interests at heart.

Why do we knock ourselves down?

We buy into the lie.  We hear from people that we aren’t good enough.  We see others doing things we’d like to do.  We see them driving nice cars or living in nice homes or living what we think is the perfect lifestyle.  I’ve learned though, that you don’t see what goes on behind closed doors.  I know there are a lot of people who get nice things or live above their means and they are in a TON of debt.  In fact, they are swimming in debt.  The huge round of foreclosures we just went through proves that.  There is another round of foreclosures coming also.  People buy things they can’t afford and they don’t want or need to impress people they don’t even like.  They do these things to try to improve their worth in other people’s minds instead of investing in things that will truly increase their worth, not only financially, but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  If we want to increase our worth to ourselves, why don’t we invest in things that will increase our financial worth instead of decreasing it?  And better yet, why don’t we invest in other people?  One of the best ways we can feel better about ourselves and help society and increase our worth is to invest in other people.

So, are you REALLY worth it?

You betcha.  How do I know that?  Because God said so.  He knew me in the womb and formed me for a purpose and He has even told me that He knows the plans for me and that they are plans to prosper and not harm me.  So, how can I not believe it?  He has also told me that my body is a Temple.  So, how am I taking care of that investment He has given to me?  Someone told me once, “this body is only temporary.  Why should I worry about it when I will have a new perfect one in the future?”  My answer….it’s going to be awfully funny if the new one He gives us correlates to the way we treated the first one.  What does it say about me if I’m out of shape?  What does it say about me if I’m overweight?  What does it say about me if I cram nasty crap into my body all of the time instead of eating for fuel?  Are people really going to respect me?  I’m not saying don’t indulge occasionally or enjoy food, but what I’m saying is, you can’t do that every day and expect to have the body you want and feel good about yourself.  I was there.  I was extremely overweight, maybe even obese, and thought I was ok because I didn’t have any major illnesses and could still get around ok.  But, my family has a history of cancer and what I was doing was headed me right down that road on greased rails.  I had to make a change.  I’ve also seen people who say they don’t care what people think, yet, when they stand up they pull at their clothing and worry about how people view them.  The main thing to get out of this is, you are TOTALLY worth it.   I can help you.  I know what it’s like to feel like you aren’t worth it and that you can’t do it.  I get that.  It’s scary.  But, spend a little time on yourself.  Read some good books and work on getting healthy.  Shakeology will give you what you need every single day that your body is craving for nutrition and then do something to get moving and get your body in the shape it wants to be in.  Once you start, you will want to continue, not just for the results, but it’s really what your body wants.  You don’t have to be extreme, although you can, just do something fun that will keep you moving.  Contact me and I will help you.

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